Detailed street-level imagery of landmark spots in Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg is now available in Google Maps, Google’s Russia Product Manager Boris Khvostichenko announced in a blog post yesterday. Among other places, mapping aficionados can now tour Red SquareMoscow Kremlin, great palaces and parks, such as TsaritsinoPeterhofKuskovo, the OranienbaumAlexandria, plus The Peter and Paul Fortress and the entire historical center of St. Petersburg (a UNESCO Heritage Site). St. Petersburg is Russia’s former capitol—now the country’s second largest city and northernmost megapolis. As for Google Earth enhancements…

Per today’s blog postover at Google’s Lat Long blog, users of the Google Earth 6.2 desktop application can now take advantage of enhanced search and other under-the-hood tweaks. Tabs are a goner as all the search fields got consolidated into one. Google Earth 6.2 now sports three-dimensional transit directions and search layers, letting you see all the results of your search on the map at once, not just the top ten, “making it easy to find clusters of certain types of businesses like fast food restaurants or coffee shops”. You can download the latest version of the Google Earth app here.

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