DroidLife spotted that Samsung has added the Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit to the US store. To charge your S4 without being reduced to anything as crude as wires, you’ll need to replace the backplate of your phone with the Wireless Charging Cover for $39.99, plus buy the Wireless Charging Pad (or any other Qi charger) for $49.99.

The charging cover is, however, thicker than the standard one, which means it may not fit any existing cases or docks you have … 

Engadget reminds us that there’s a neater alternative on the way in the form of the Monster Watts WiQiQi wireless receiver. This is a tiny receiver small enough to fit under the existing phone cover: simply line it up with the battery terminals, replace the cover and you’re sorted.


Availability is expected mid-June, at $88 including charging pad.

As with most tech things, there are currently several competing standards for wireless charging, but the Qi system chosen by Samsung seems to be winning, with LG also opting for Qi for its Nexus charger. It’s not yet known whether Samsung will offer a wireless charging cover for the S4 mini, but it seems likely.

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