Barnes & Noble has updated its Nook app for Android to support HD magazines on tablets with a 1280×720 resolution or better. Other new features for version 3.4 are:

• Popular magazines now available on Android tablets: SELF, WIRED, Glamour, Vanity Fair, GQ

• Enlarge book illustrations for more detailed imagery

• Now accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Android assistive technology, including screen magnification (OS 4.2 or higher required) & TalkBack (OS 4.1 or higher)

• Bug fixes

Barnes & Noble also updated its iOS app (which got HD magazines back in March) with “better organization for your book series” and some unspecified enhancements based on user suggestions.

The company has recently been working hard to keep its hardware Nook reader competitive, allowing access to Google Play after initially saying it wouldn’t, and introducing “temporary” price cuts in May that remain in place today.

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