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Just a quick note that we’ve moved our comment system to WordPress. You can log in with your WordPress, Twitter or Facebook accounts and you will need manual approval by mods the first time you comment (so prepare to wait a few minutes/hours). Previous stories will continue to contain  previous comment archives.

Why didn’t we go to Disqus or Livefyre? If it was only comments, we probably would have. But we’re building something kind of cool behind the scenes with WordPress and this is just the start.

As always, we read and appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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3 Responses to “Housecleaning: We’ve moved to WordPress comments”

  1. And explain to me again why you went with WordPress comments rather than Google’s own Google+ Comments? You are a site dedicated to all that is Google, correct? You didn’t even mention it.

    And in case you neglected it because you simply weren’t aware, Google+ Comments can easily be embedded on any page by doing what Browsing the Net describes at


  2. Cool. If there were a poll, I’d go with Disqus. Anxious to see what’s to come!