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Last month we reported that Google’s slick new “Google+ Photos” app that launched exclusively on the Chromebook Pixel could possibly be making its way to Mac & PC. The proof came from a newly posted listing on the Chrome Web Store that made references to auto-uploading features specifically for OS X and Windows. Unfortunately, launching the app would give users a “not supported on this platform” error message. While Google has yet to officially launch the Mac and PC versions of the Chrome app, there is a way to bypass the error message and enable the app now.

1. Go to the Google+ Photos app Chrome Web Store page.


2. Right-click the “Add to Chrome” button and select “Inspect Element” (The button will be “Launch App” if you’ve previously attempted to install)

3. Press CMD + F (Ctrl+F  on WIndows) to enable search in the element inspector and search for “webstore-button-disabled”

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4. Double click the “webstore-button-disabled” text to highlight it in the inspector, delete it, and press Enter.

5. You’ll now be able to hit the “Add to Chrome” (or “Launch App” button).

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6. Click “Run anyway” when prompted about unsupported platforms.

After signing into your Google account, the Google+ Photos Chrome app will instantly upload all .jpg files from the default photos folder:

Windows XP: C:\Users\yourname\Pictures

Windows 7: C:\My Documents\yourname\My Pictures

Linux: /home/yourname/Pictures

Mac: /Users/yourname/Pictures

(via GoogleOperatingSystem)

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7 Responses to “How to enable the Google+ Photos Chrome app on Mac & PC”

  1. No this doesn’t work anymore. However, reviews are pretty bad for it anyhow.

  2. Is this still working for anyone? When I do this, the “incompatible with your os” disappears, but then there is no “button” that lets me install it. It is just blank.

  3. Steven Smith says:

    it says for me not compatible

  4. Is this still working for somebody? It seems that the disabling function has changed – would love to use this app ..

  5. Mine just pops up when ever i connect my nexus 4!

  6. The search doesn’t work on a Mac, but I still found it :)

  7. Renish KM says:

    it does not work but when changing the disabled to enabled works just fine. maybe need to edit this post ;)