Despite the device’s universally-abysmal reviews, Samsung is continuing to market its Galaxy Gear smartwatch as the wave of the future—and the past—with two new TV ads. The first, titled “A Long Time Coming,” Samsung uses clips from some of the most popular TV shows of decades past to set the Galaxy Gear up as the long-awaited wrist-mounted computer from Dick TraceyThe Jetsons, Knight Rider, and more.

The ad has a similar feel to Apple’s “Hello” TV spot, which it launched with the iPhone 5c last month, but rather than featuring customers using the advertised product, Samsung’s ad shows fictional characters using Hollywood’s various conceptions of the smartwatch.

The second ad, “Evolution,” is similar in message, but with an entirely different delivery. Instead, realistic replicas of the watches used in each show are flashed across the screen, leading up to the reveal of the Galaxy Gear as the watch that outshines them all.

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One Response to “Samsung tries to establish itself as company that brought the fabled smartwatch to life with new ads”

  1. gkmac says:

    Hey Mike, I think you saw a different Apple “Hello” ad than the one you linked to.

    The “Hello” ad was Apple’s ad for the first iPhone (2007) and it also showed fictional Hollywood characters, exactly what Samsung is now mimicing. Nothing to do with the 5c ad.