For the last 5.5 years I sat at the helm of TmoNews.com, a site I founded with a passion and focus for all things T-Mobile. Unfortunately, circumstances happen and you try and move on and that’s exactly what I’ve done by landing at 9to5Google.com. I’ve long known Seth, Mark and Jordan and the rest of their team as a great bunch of tech bloggers and I know this is the kind of place that will allow me to introduce the same level of creativity, passion and joy as my previous role.

Writing about Google is a huge task and a challenge I welcome with open arms. From Chrome, to Android, Chrome OS and everything in-between I’ll tackle Google topics head-on and do so in a way that provides both news reporting as well as insight into why the story matters to you.

I’ll make this short and sweet because I’m ready to roll up my proverbial sleeves (I live in Florida, it’s 85 out so no actual sleeves) and get busy cranking out news, editorials, reviews, video and more. I’ll raise the level of engagement here and I encourage you to tell me when I’m wrong, when I’m right and when I should just stop talking.

On a personal note, you’re welcome to follow my other rantings and ravings over at Twitter.com/davidj and Google Plus: +DavidBeren. I’m a die hard Cubs fan and hope to see them win a World Series sometime before we discover Aliens exist and life on Mars is practical. If you have any questions for me, drop them below and I’ll surely provide an answer.

Time to get started.

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45 Responses to “Hi, I’m David and I’ll be your new 9to5Google friend”

  1. I too followed you from TmoNews becasue you were the only site I trusted when it came to my carrier. I too recently had issues at work that almost caused me to quit so I can relate. Either way, I followed you here as well and I wish you nothing but good luck here

  2. Ezzy says:

    I too followed you from TmoNews becasue you were the only site I trusted when it came to my carrier. I too recently had issues at work that almost caused me to quit so I can relate. Either way, I followed you here as well and I wish you nothing but good luck here

  3. I followed you from TmoNews as much of the people here. Now here is a question for you: We will ever know what really happened with TmoNews and your abrupt departure? Are you in a non-disclosure agreement so you cannot blog about your side of the story about what really happened?

  4. natrice21 says:

    David I followed you here from T-Monews.

  5. -_- so you are not on Facebook ?

  6. Gratz mate although I do think someone who is a staunch Iphone fan like yourself covering Google is a bit of a very long stretch but suit yourself.

  7. Show Time says:

    Congratulations David and I appreciate all the great tips and heads-up on T-Mobile (Tmonews) promotions and/or deals. Likewise, l have bookmarked this page!

  8. Fowad Butt says:

    Hi David its great to see you on here i followed you over from Tmonews and also just bookmarked this page. reading about Google is always interesting and im confident you’ll do a fantastic job over here LONG LIVE DAVID!!!!

  9. michael dyer says:

    Good to see you back in action. This is my first time visiting this site and you’re the reason why. I just bookmarked it. Great pick-up by this site.

  10. Followed you here from TMO News. My first time to this site and will make it every day. Just bookmarked this site on both my phone and laptop. Good Luck on your new job. Will miss you on TMO News. The site will never be the same. To be honest I’m shocked. I’m sure you will bring many readers and followers with you to 9to5, I’m just one of many. Again Good Luck and will return regularly.

  11. Welcome David! Read your articles since TMONews. Glad to see you here!

  12. palus85 says:

    Nice to see you found a new home David. Followed you from tmonews. Already enjoying your editorial wit on this new site.

  13. Glad to see you here David! I look forward to your posts here. I would say welcome, but I just got here myself.

  14. Richard cruz says:

    welcome aboard David!!

  15. Welcome. I’m glad 9to5google allows little author posts like this. Looking forward to seeing more from you

  16. jarrod07 says:

    Nice to see you here David. Look forward to reading your blogs. Followed you from YOUR old site tmonews.

  17. Just added this to my feedly. Glad to be able to keep reading your stuff.

  18. Dustin Simon says:

    Ha, already there’s more comments on this article than the average 9to5google article. Good to see you here, David.

  19. Hey david congrats on new positon

  20. Derek Duncan says:

    Wow! What a great get for 9to5 network. Looking forward to improved coverage!

  21. I was a fan of your work at TMoNews and had the good fortune to meet you a few times over the past years. I am ecstatic at the news. This is a perfect combination.

  22. Narin Sinuon says:

    Welcome back! That was quick! I’ll miss all of your updates on TmoNews but this will be even better!!

  23. Welcome back. I hope now and then we will still get some Tmobile scoops as you maintain your contacts. The best revenge is to scoop the new TmoNews. I hope you at least feel good about all the love you’ve gotten on the TMoNews comments. We miss you already

  24. Loved your articles over at Tmo and I’ll be following you here as well. Glad to see you land on your feet and good luck!

  25. Great to see you here looking forward to your insights

  26. triangle8 says:

    Good to see you here, David. Look forward to seeing a lot more of you.

  27. David !! Less than 48 hours and you’re already kick A__ and taking names. Good luck, and at some point….

    9to5TMo ???

    Just sayin’.

  28. Speak for yourself. : )

    David is the MAN! I mean, after me…

  29. Congrats David! You’ve come a long way since vzbuzz ;)

  30. I dont think anybody cares lol

    • Actually, I think a lot of people do care. David was well know as the man behind TmoNews, a very popular blog that was must read for Tmobile users and people wanting more information about Tmobile. He provided clearer and more accurate information than the company itself. Fans were outraged when he was forced out by the evil that is PhoneDog. People are happy he’s already moved on to creating a new chapter.

    • Manny Love says:

      I care. David is probably the best at providing info about things and at the same time keeping you interested no matter what the subject is. Ive been personally following tmonews forever and i must say that was my number one site for info about phones, specials, and just news articles. I’m happy David has moved on.

      • David Beren says:

        Thanks man, I’m happy to be here and that same style of writing will carry over! I’m just getting my feet wet here and learning the flow, but when I find a groove…watch out!