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Even as HTC promises that next-year will see the return of lower cost handsets in an attempt to boost their fledgling business, the flagship successor to the One is also on the horizon. A tweet by @evleaks teases the HTC M8 for AT&T “unsurprisingly destined for AT&T, among others.” In a response to a secondary inquiry about a potential Verizon offering, the Twitter tipster responds that all four carriers should see a release by the end of the first quarter next year. Considering that all four national carriers carry the HTC One right now, it’s not inconceivable to think that the same will happen for its successor.

Certainly HTC’s financial position has them in a position where a release on all four carriers is not only the right move, but a necessary one. Still, there’s no telling at this point if this tentative release timeframe will face competition from the likes of Samsung. For HTC’s sake, they better hope they can find a nice window of opportunity to launch the One successor that doesn’t play into the hands of another major flagship release. The once great Android giant continues to need all the opportunities they can get. Until then, you can sneak a peak at the M8 thanks to this set of leaked images that hit the interwebs last week.


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One Response to “HTC One successor, the M8 coming to all four national carriers next year?”

  1. Until HTC brings back expandable memory in their phones they’ll never see a dime of my money. Sad too because I really liked their phones.