The moment I saw news hit that Cal by hit the Google Play store I wanted to run around the room screaming at the top of my lungs. Ok, maaaaybe I wasn’t that excited, but I love this app so much from iOS that it will instantly become my Android calendar app of choice. I’d download this twice if I could, if only because that’s how much I encourage you to give this a shot.

Google Play Cal by

From the makers of the popular to-do list, Cal is a “free, simple & smart calendar app for your Android. With a fast, intuitive and beautifully designed interface Cal is the only Calendar app you’d want to have on your homescreen.

With Cal:
■ Your events will come to life beautifully with smart maps, contacts, apps and social integrations.
■ Seamlessly connects with all your existing calendar services so you’re always up to date (supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL & iCloud)
■ Fast and intuitive – Schedule with one click and use voice control to add events
■ Awesome widget – We’ve created a widget that makes any peak at the agenda – a fun experience
■ New day, Every day – Each day starts with a fresh & gorgeous photo to celebrate the day in a fun way.
■ Daily Planning made simple. By connecting Cal with Any.DO you can check out your tasks for the day.
■ It’s always someone’s birthday. Write on your friends wall, buy a gift, make a call, or send them a message. It’s really easy.
■ At your fingertips – Cal makes it easy to find great places, restaurants, and bars nearby for meeting friends, family, and coworkers
■ Scheduling made easy – Simply jump to a specific date from the month view or swipe to next week.
■ Need a ride? Call an Uber with one click from Cal (available on supported locations)
■ Landscape view – tilt your phone for a more open view of your calendar (Android only feature!