According to some a XDA-Developers forum thread, improved hardware for the Nexus 5 is now rolling out. The original batch of Nexus 5 devices is said to have suffered some minor hardware difficulties such as a protruding SIM tray, loose/noisy buttons and speaker-related issues.

Owners of at least one “brand new” Nexus 5 is noticing some subtle yet important differences to the hardware design. The mono speaker grilles are slightly larger for instance, which could offer just enough extra volume to make a discernible difference to the user. Reports say the volume and power buttons have been made stiffer hopefully eliminating complaints about rattling buttons in our ears during phone calls.

Of course, for those of you who bought launch day models it shows as good news that LG and Google quickly solved some of the problems. However, unless there’s an option to automatically request a hardware replacement, there could be some unhappy Nexus 5 owners voicing their frustration very, very soon.

via TalkAndroid


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