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Amazon is pulling out all the stops to get a Kindle Fire HDX into your hands this holiday season with a brand new payment plan. Amazon unveiled the new plan (as discovered by PC Mag) in the past 24 hours that will allow customers to split the payments across a total of 270 days from the initial date of purchase.

So here’s how it works. Take the 7″ HDX for $229 or 8.9″ version for $379 and pay 1/4 the price up front. That’s $57 dollars for the smaller tablet and $95 for the larger one. You’ll also pay the full tax and any required shipping charges with your first payment as well.

Amazon will automatically bill your credit card for the additional 1/4 payments at 90 days, 180 days and 270 days. See how that works? If for any reason the payment can’t be processed or you try to grab the tablet and “run”:

“If we are not able to charge any payment to a card on file in your account, our remedies will include the right to deregister your Kindle Fire HDX device, which will block your ability to access Amazon content from your Kindle Fire HDX device, and suspend or terminate your account. You agree that we and our affiliates have no liability related to the exercise of these remedies,” read the payment plan’s Terms and Conditions.

Anyone looking to take advantage of this offering must do so before the end of the day PST on December 24th.

Offer: Kindle Fire HDX

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6 Responses to “Amazon offers new payment plan for Kindle HDX shoppers”

  1. jlbrown1981 says:

    Sweet! Thanks David, I might have to take up this offer! Though ive never had a Kindle before. Do you or pantherlady know how they stack up vs traditional Android Tablets?

    • David Beren says:

      If consumption is your game, then it’s hard to be Amazon’s library of content spread out among Movies, Books, Music and more. Remember that you don’t get the full suite of Google services like a dedicated Gmail app, Google Now but it comes with apps for email, browser and all the stuff you need and want. Amazon’s app store doesn’t have everything the Play Store, but it definitely has enough. I wouldn’t think twice about getting a Kindle Fire HDX if I didn’t already have my iPad mini, it’s that good.

  2. Just got mine, thanks David! Two of the requirements of that you’ve had an amazon account for two years and have a credit card on file that didn’t expire before March 2014.