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The Android hardware market in the US better make some shelf space as Chinese manufacturer Meizu states its intentions to come stateside. The company announced its plans to jump-start its entry into the US at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Meizu says it believes there is room in the US market for another hardware player and will show off its new line of devices at the show. The press statement didn’t specifically state which devices Meizu plans to launch stateside, nor did it make any specific comments about potential carrier agreements.

As the first step in a long-term strategy to pursue the U.S. market, MEIZU will preview its line of smartphones at CES 2014 Booth LVH#51001.

Combining the elegance and functionality of today’s smartphones with consumer-friendly pricing, MEIZU believes there’s room in the U.S. market for another player.

Having used the Meizu MX in the past and recognizing the company was once better known for its line of copycat iPhone devices, I can state first hand they absolutely make good hardware. There’s little question in my mind that companies like Meizu and Xiaomi belong in the US providing another set of options for customers not named Samsung.

via Phonescoop


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2 Responses to “Chinese manufacturer Meizu will begin selling handsets in the US”

  1. Never heard of them but will check them out. I, for one, am tired of the same players to be honest. More players can be a good thing.