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As 2013 wraps up, we’ve seen a variety of different year-end info graphs and data, most of which comes from Google itself, such as the top search terms. This afternoon, Dow Jones has released an info graphic displaying the most talked about companies in 2013.

Google was able to narrowly beat out Apple this year. Google received 123,769 media mentions this year, while Apple received 120,451 mentions, up from 114,954 in 2012. Google saw its biggest spike in mentions came in May, which as we all know, is when Google I/O took place. Other notable technology companies include Microsoft, who received 84,174 mentions and IBM, who came in with 48,734 mentions.

One of the reasons Google was able to come out on top this year in terms of media mentions was probably all of its crazy “X” projects. Google Glass was one of the most talked about products this year, though it wasn’t always talked about in a positive manner. Google’s self-driving cars also probably still got it a lot of attention, as did its barge retail project.

Check out David’s full post, highlighting our most popular Google stories of 2013.

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4 Responses to “Google beats Apple as most talked about company in 2013”

  1. Statistics about google, provided by google. huh. go figure. Curious though, whats the breakdown of these mentions how many positive, negative, neutral?