During its press conference to officially kick off CES 2014, NVIDIA has announced its latest next-generation mobile processor. Dubbed the NVIDIA Tegra K1, the processor is the world’s first “192-core Super Chip.” The K1 will begin to make its way into mobile devices, more than likely several Android ones, sometime this year. In addition to mobile Android devices, NVIDIA also plans to implement the Tegra K1 into cars, gaming consoles, and 4k televisions.

All 192 cores of the Keplar-based Tegra K1 are fully programmable and massively parallel. It will also run the Unreal Engine 4, which is one of the most powerful and advanced gaming structures available.

Essentially, the Tegra K1 is as powerful, if not more powerful, than a lot of PC chips available right now. Epic Games’ founder Tim Sweeney acknowledged that, saying, “We can take absolutely anything that runs on PC or high-end console and run it on Tegra now.”

Obviously, NVIDIA will need hardware support, as well as software optimization, to make this chip successful. Qualcomm has heavily dominated the mobile space this past year, although the Tegra K1 does look promising.

(via Droid Life)

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