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As announced previously, Motorola will be offering a special $100 off the off-contract Moto X today only for orders placed between 3PM ET to 4PM ET or while supplies last. That brings the cost of the 16GB Moto X down to $299 and the 32GB down to $349. If the deal works anything like Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal you’ll receive a promo code via email shortly after signing up for the discount. Keep an eye on Motorola’s discount page as we get closer to the sale. 

If you miss out on the sale, Motorola will be offering $70 off the device until Valentines Day. That means that the 16GB model will be available for $330 and the 32GB for $380. That offer will kick in when the $100 off deal sells out.

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One Response to “Reminder: Moto X is $100 off for one hour today only from 3pm-4pm ET”

  1. Moto Maker checkout site is down…. “Well this clearly isn’t what you are looking for. It seems we are having a bit of an issue, but don’t worry we can work it out” is the message I get when trying to purchase the moto