A lot of clues in the above ad, but obviously nothing is guaranteed. The waterproof angle would be a major blow to Sony’s Z line which is the only major phone than can get dunked. Samsung’s S4 Active is water resistant, but not very rugged. I’ll be waiting for the Google Play edition, personally.

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3 Responses to “New Samsung Unpacked ad indicates Galaxy S5 will be waterproof, rugged and…Next”

  1. People want a simple, powerful phone. Did we ever hear the “rugged” version of S4 sell like pancakes? Nope, right?

  2. Judging by the use of fonts, and the emphasis on style, this may mean that the new S5 will have a better industrial design and UI design. However considering Samsung or any other company would want to sell ugly phones, one must ponder the design sense that the executives and designers at samsung have.

  3. This would be pretty cool! Perhaps this is the reasoning behind the warning about how the S5’s touch sensor embedded into the home button does not work so well when wet?