Samsung-watch-Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

We’re expecting to see Samsung unveil an update to their Galaxy Gear Smartwatches in Barcelona next week and of course that means electronics leaker @evleaks has them for us this week.  It seems that these won’t be branded Galaxy and will be called Gear 2 and Neo. Recent reports indicate that these won’t be running Android and speculation is that is that they will be running Tizen or some other Samsung Homebrew.  Oh, and Gold.

The Feb 24th date on the face seems to indicate that we’re 2 days away from launch.

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4 Responses to “New Samsung Gear 2 / Neo Smartwatches (Gold is Best!) shown in leaks”

  1. Less ugly but likely as pointless as the previous one.

  2. Here’s a test:
    If you look at those watch-like things in the picture above and you don’t think they’re ugly, you shouldn’t waste your money on buying Apple devices.

    If you can’t judge quality why bother paying for it?

  3. bjtechnews says:

    I’m surprise that Samsung isn’t going to brand the watches with Galaxy. I think they should keep Galaxy part of the name. It makes the watch part of the Samsung Galaxy. The new design seems more like the Casio calculator watches I use to wear in public school. The first time ( ) I saw the Samsung gear watch it reminded me of the iPod shuffle.

  4. @evleaks – I misspoke. Those watches are not Galaxy-branded.