Our mentor and life coach (and Google chairman) Eric Schmidt is back to enlightening us as only he can. While both exciting the geek in us and deeply concerning the sci-fi movie watcher among us, Schmidt spoke yesterday about Google’s work on automation and experimenting with technology to replace common, repetitive behaviors. You know, like in The Jetsons. Per Bloomberg‘s report of his discussion at the Oasis: The Montgomery Summit, Schmidt shared his vision for the future: “Robots will become omnipresent in our lives in a good way.”

No word on Schmidt’s plans for humans to bow down to these robots, but it’s safe to assume that Google (and Google Now) will power these… androids.

Schmidt’s role as executive chairman should prevent any backlash against him, right?

“Technology is evolving from asking a question to making a relevant recommendation. It will figure out things you care about and make recommendations. That’s possible with today’s technology.”

But seriously, folks, I look forward to a future where machine-powered automation continues to tackle more of my daily tasks creating more time to spend with the people important to my life… as long as Schmidt and his robot allies don’t know that I keep my home around 72 degrees.

I, for one, say bring it on, Schmidt.

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One Response to “Talking Schmidt: Robots will become omnipresent in our lives”

  1. jrox16 says:

    Yup, that’s how it starts…. today, cute Google powered helper robots…tomorrow we are enslaved by Skynet.