Adding to the capabilities of the Chromecast HDMI streaming stick, Google is out with a new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users called Photowall that lets you turn your Chromecast-connected TV into a live, interactive photo frame.

Google’s Photowall app allows you alone or a group of Photowall users to beam not just one photo, but an entire collage of images to your TV through your Chromecast. The app includes the ability to doodle or annotate images before beaming to your big display as well.

When you wrap up your photo sharing to your Chromecast with Photowall, the app can automatically create a YouTube video for sharing the photo presentation in video form to anyone across the web.

Google’s Chromecast HDMI streaming stick is still one of the cheapest gateway’s into connecting the smarts of your phone or tablet to your TV set at just $35 (Prime eligible on Amazon).

Most recently, Chromecast picked up major support for Plex as the media manager has been positioning itself to own the Chromecast content management experience. Plex dropped its price of entry for Chromecast support to free as it enabled new photo upload features for its paying Plex Pass customers.

Earlier this month, as we saw Google expand a number of its hardware and software services into other countries, we saw Chromecast support extend to Canada, the UK, and 9 more countries.

Google made its Chromecast SDK available to developers last month

Photowall is currently only available for iOS users, but we expect an Android version soon. We’ve reached out to Google for more information.

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One Response to “Google’s new Photowall app turns your Chromecast-connected TV into a live digital photo frame”

  1. The does not seem to be away to login to this app at the moment. You press the login with Google+ and it takes you to this page where no password seems to work –