Chromecast, Google’s $35 HDMI streaming stick, is about to support streaming of a lot more video content online as JW Player prepares to introduce support. Gigaom reports that the popular HTML5 and Flash video player that is used on millions of websites to host video content will announce today that it’s launching a beta of Chromecast support.

The company is also working on some interesting new features with its Chromecast implementation: 

Part of that implementation will include multi-screen advertising, which will enable publishers to show an ad on TV and present clickable information about that ad on the second screen. But JW Player founder and Chief Digital Architect Jeroen “JW” Wijering wants to take multiiscreen even further. In an email, he wrote:

“We’re also working on video chaptering, social sharing and angle selection on your device during playback. We’re also thinking about managing sports statistics, queueing subsequent videos and instrumenting e-learning quizzes on companion devices while the main content plays on Chromecast.”

Google’s streaming stick, which allows users to send content from mobile apps and websites to their Chromecast-connected TV, started off with limited content partners, but many app developers and video services have added support as Google opened the platform to all. The latest big name additions to add support include audio and video streaming services Rdio, Crackle, and Vudu.

JW Player is launching a limited beta with select publishers today, but it will eventually open it up to all using the platform. Some of its partners listed on the company’s site include EA,, tunein, ESPN, Washington Post, the UFC, Kickstarter, and Intel, but there’s no word yet on which partners are included in the initial beta.

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