Samsung today launched a new app exclusively for Galaxy owners that allows them to stay up to date with the latest from Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Think Twitter, but the only person you’re able to follow is Lebron. Yes, it’s absolutely a strange move. But with Lebron already on the payroll as one of the company’s main spokespeople, it’s not too surprising that Samsung is trying to get its money worth and offer Galaxy owners exclusive content in the process.

Samsung has made it clear that offer apps exclusively to Galaxy owners will be part of its pitch to get people buying its phones. It already offered an exclusive stream of Jay-Z’s latest,  a concert just for Galaxy owners at SXSW, and more recently introduced its Milk Music app for Galaxy devices. Here’s what you get with the new LeBron app:

LeBron shares his life on his phone, but he’s putting it down to focus on the playoffs. Don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry, we got you.

Get an all-access pass to LeBron’s game, life, and journey with never-before-seen content and clips throughout the playoffs. Download custom lock screens and wallpapers, check stats, and watch LeBron strive for greatness as the competition heats up.

Re-live LeBron’s biggest plays and go behind-the-scenes with LeBron the Athlete.

Track LeBron’s stats, game schedules, and results during The NBA Playoffs.

See LeBron’s game day kicks, look, meals, and music with an inside look at his Style.

Get inspired by the LeBron James Family Foundation and the family moments that have influenced his Journey.

The LeBron app for Galaxy users is available on Google Play now.

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2 Responses to “Samsung’s new app for Galaxy owners is like Twitter but you can only follow LeBron James”

  1. “all-access pass”? I don’t think so.
    Why just his game day meals? Does that include game day snacks? Why not non-game day meals?
    If this was really “all-access” I’d expect even more LeBron. Where is his sleep schedule? Heart rate during games and workouts? And bathroom visits! I mean I NEED to know when my man LeBron is going to the bathroom! (I do respect his privacy enough not to ask if it’s #1 or #2, I’m not some kind of nut-job after all!) ((Besides, I can make a guess based upon the length of his visit.))
    “all-access”? So will they live stream his latest colonoscopy or just give us the highlights after the fact? I mean if I’m going to buy a new phone I need this information to make an informed buying decision.

  2. Yunhua Ji says:

    Does it mean… know at the first place when LeBron’s Samsung break down?