The impact of climate change is a hot topic and many environmentalists are urging the powers that be to take action. To help spread awareness and promote World Environment Day on June 5th, an eco-friendly crowdfunding outlet by the name of CarbonStory has put together an interactive website called World Under Water. Available exclusively on Chrome, this modified version of Street View paints a dramatic picture of what the world’s cities will look after sea levels have risen.

A simple, but effective illusion, this waterlogged version of Google Maps uses the same imagery on every location that you view, so the water effect doesn’t change. However, the focus behind this demonstration doesn’t necessarily have to be spot on for its message to be understood. If you’re looking for places to flood, the site highlights some famous landmarks, but you can type in any address. Head on over to the source link and give it a try.

(via World Under Water)

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4 Responses to “Google Street View flood mod shows your city under water”

  1. themekanic says:

    What exactly is the point of this? Does anybody really believe the oceans are gonna rise and flood everything? A bunch of propaganda spit out by those looking for support and funding for their extreme views and thinking.