When it comes to smartphones, Samsung has a history of pushing towards bigger displays, so why would the company treat tablets any differently? We’ve already seen a 12.2-inch slate from the South Korean electronics maker and according to GSMArena, an even bigger slab is already in the works. A device codenamed “Warhol” is in development and it will feature a 13.3-inch LCD with a 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. 

Like Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Tab S, this massive tablet is expected to run Android 4.4 KitKat, along with Samsung’s usual in-house software.This unannounced device will be available in WiFi and carrier connected options, however release details remain unknown.

We’re a fan on sharp displays and beastly hardware, but a 13.3-inch tablet might be too big. At what point does a device no longer become portable and eventually drive you back to a notebook? It’ll be interesting to see how Samsung markets this new device whenever it’s announced.

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6 Responses to “Samsung reportedly working on a 13.3-inch tablet”

  1. darkmx2000 says:

    Are they seriously expecting people to pay the almost $1000 price tag for this thing seeing that they were already asking over $800 for the 12 inch???

    • frankman91 says:

      Well having not thought about the price I would agree that I would not fork out $1000 to have that, but I said the same thing about the $8k builds of the new Mac pro and boy did others prove me wrong.

      I think what happens is executives get their companies to buy them as business related items (angry birds on business trips), and other people get them as write them off as business expenses. So while you and I might not buy one, they will still sell.

  2. jrox16 says:


    I want them to make a 17″ tablet.

  3. frankman91 says:

    Honestly, this would make a really cool kitchen TV.

    Pair a mouse and keyboard with it and just toss them in a drawer, then stick the thing on the wall over your counter. Then you could watch Netflix and Hulu on it using the touch interface, get all kinds of weather and calender info, and then pull the mouse out and surf the web for recipes.

    I think this is silly big for a tablet (IMO) but it would be great for other applications. I like this!

  4. Why would anyone want to go from this and back to a 13.3 inch notebook? Tablet design is much better than notebook design. Samsung/Android can “double-down” on increase tablet size because….BECAUSE of Microsoft Office being cross compatible.

    A lot of professional working people, who are in an advanced age, need a larger screen. 13.3 and above will be great for them. The key to it’s success, imo, will be weight.

    • Air Burt says:

      Any professional that actually uses Office on the go will not want this. Those who type a lot will want a physical keyboard so they’re better off getting a laptop, which will protect both the keyboard and display better. Professional working people that need a larger screen/resolution will be better served by a laptop. Heck, at $1000, they could spend a couple hundred more and buy a rMBP with a higher resolution display and will do a lot more than this tablet will! Samsung won’t ever learn; they’ll take the hit and move on after it bombs. Worst company ever.