In case you didn’t know, Google can help you plan your next meal. No, the search behemoth isn’t using its Zagat-owned tech to recommend a restaurant, it’s helping you in the kitchen. Perhaps dormant or maybe new, Google recently outed a filter that lets you pull up an ingredients list when searching for food or a recipe.

So far we’ve tried this feature across multiple platforms desktop and mobile browsers and it appears to work just fine, however not every food item displays ingredients. Most likely ideal for a trip to the grocery store, here’s how you enable this thoughtful search feature:

  • Perform a Google search for a recipe or food item.
  • Select Search Tools.
  • Select Ingredients.

This will bring up a checklist with different ingredients and as you check “yes” or “no,” search results will start displaying recipes that include the specific ingredients that you’ve selected. Bon appétit!

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One Response to “Google search filter plays cookbook, breaks down recipe ingredients”

  1. tomgeeve says:

    Hello, does anyone know what device is used in the picture? It seems like the LG G2, but I’m not sure about it.