The Chromecast world tour rages on and its latest stop is Brazil. Google’s madia streaming dongle is now available in the land of Carnaval and while it’s known for being an affordable alternative to expensive set-top boxes, its price point in Brazil isn’t what we’re accustomed to seeing. Listed at R$199 (about $88.20), the Chromecast almost sounds like a luxury item. Such a high premium may sound strange, but history has taught us that most consumer electronics don’t come cheap in Brazil.

In terms of content, early adopters will have access to Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, MLB.TV Premium, Rdio, Vevo and more. While this is a nice start, we’re kind of surprised that there’s no mention of an app that streams jogo bonito. This year’s World Cup is less than a week away and it’s being hosted in Brazil. Although we’re pretty sure the tournament will be available to watch through local broadcast television, it just seems a little odd that other countries have access to the contest via Google’s media stick.

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2 Responses to “Chromecast now available in Brazil, but it’ll cost you around $90”

  1. Douglas Drumond says:

    And it’s half the price of an Apple TV, which sells for R$399.

  2. I cant wait to get out of here and buy some prety neat stuff… DAMN YOU BRAZIL!!