Those pesky regulatory symbols on the back of your smartphone or tablet may soon be going digital if a new bill being presented to the US Senate gets approved. The E-Label Act is a bipartisan bill that would give electronics manufacturers the option to use digital stamps instead of branding devices with government-mandated tattoos.

The Senate Commerce Committee says that removing physical symbols from devices would reduce costs for manufacturers, which could ultimately lower prices for consumers. If approved, this act would not affect all emblems covering devices, as icons like the “CE” stamp are for gadgets sold in Europe. However, FCC branding for products sold in the US could be replaced by a digital logo viewable from a device’s screen.

As the government starts to embrace the digital age, we can only hope that wireless carriers follow suit and tone down the excessive carrier branding. Anyone remember the home button on Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Note 2?

(via The Hill)

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2 Responses to “E-Label Act wants to remove unsightly regulatory symbols from the back of your mobile devices”

  1. In other news, the US Congress somehow still has bipartisan bills…

  2. Wouldn’t it just be easier to put them on the inside of the battery cover instead?