Shortly after its unveiling, an actual copy of the Android L keyboard pulled straight from the Developer Preview OS appeared on the Play Store thanks to a developer by the name of Shen Ye. And while it was pulled after two short weeks because it violated Google’s policies, Ye has now taken the keyboard to the Amazon Appstore to hopefully avoid any future conflict.

Android L was announced at Google I/O 2014, and with it came the new keyboard featuring Google’s new “Material Design” philosophy. Many people wanted to test it out, but as you may know, the Android L preview is only officially available for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. And even people who have those devices may not want to install the Developer Preview OS just to try the new keyboard.

But now, Ye has once again listed the app for you to grab on the Amazon Appstore. It’s completely free.

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One Response to “Standalone Android L keyboard app resurfaces on the Amazon Appstore”

  1. Th3Observist says:

    Grabbed it! Runs much smoother than SwiftKey on my Galaxy S4 Cyanogenmod. Better than Swype as it allows for multiple word swiping without lifting up your finger! Thanks!