Republic Wireless’ big pitch has been dumping your home phone and wireless plans in favor of its hybrid calling services that blends WiFi and on the go carrier calling powered by Sprint’s network. Now, the company is going after your local cable company, well sort of. Today, Republic Wireless announced a new promotion that bundles a Google Chromecast with the purchase of a new Moto X.

The no-contract handset retails for $300 and is compatible with one of Republic Wireless’ four service plans that range from $5 to $40 a month. If you’re looking to stock up on smartphones and media sticks, the offer allows up to four purchases per customer, but is available while supplies last, so you’ll want to move quickly to take advantage of this deal. Republic Wireless also notes that the free Chromecast won’t show up in your cart during checkout, so keep calm and carry on when making your purchase.

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4 Responses to “Republic Wireless bundling free Chromecast with the purchase of a Moto X”

  1. Mon ChiChi says:

    Yeah, with their lack of REAL customer service (making people email and use support tickets – where you have to wait days to get a viable response – is not customer service), RW is at the bottom of the barrel in the MVNO world. They are desperate for customers, as they only have a little over 100,000 customers after nearly 3 years of being in business. While Chromecast is good, I have it myself, it’s just another gimmicky ploy by RW to try and draw in customers. Their typical fare of giving out ‘swag’ to everyone who asked for it ran our of steam very early on. Page Plus and Ting, both MVNO’s, are really tearing things up right now with their popularity, for those looking to get out from under the heel of the big boys.

  2. Josh Wallace says:

    I saved $20 thru a referral link and you can do the same with my link below. I switched to republic several months ago from ATT and Im saving over $100 a month. Couldnt be happier.

  3. I switched to Republic Wireless and the savings on my smartphone bill each month are huge!

    Republic is different. Their network uses WiFi + Cell, which means more coverage, in more places, for way less money. You could save hundreds off your bill in your first month alone. Click on this link, and you’ll get a $20 service credit in addition to the Chromecast!

    • Mon ChiChi says:

      I was looking for “FLAG” button to flag this as it is nothing but advertising spam by the poster to try and get people to click on his posted link so he can get a $20 credit on his account. Please remove this and keep your blog free from spam like this. Thanks…