Want that Harman Kardon sound on your HTC One? Here’s how to get it (video)


Sprint recently announced that it would carry a special edition of the HTC One M8 that would feature sound enhancing software from Harman Kardon. While we’re happy for the carrier and its legions of customers, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for M8 owners outside of Sprint’s service. If you happen to be a part of this group, turn that frown upside down! We’ve got some good news for you today! This crafty individuals over at The Unlockr how found a workaround that brings Harman Kardon’s Clari-fi tech to just about any version of HTC’s new flagship phone.

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“Flounder” could be the codename for Google’s next Nexus device


Historically, Google has been known to use quirky codenames when working on internal projects and Nexus devices are no exception. In the past the company’s homegrown Android products have carried in-house names patterned after aquatic animals when being under development. For example: Maguro was used for the GSM Galaxy Nexus, Mako represented the Nexus 4, Hammerhead covered the Nexus 5 and Mantaray was the moniker for the Nexus 10. When it comes to Nexus devices, Google has a thing for sea creatures.

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Here’s another LG G3 leak, this time in gold


Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a pretty good look at LG’s upcoming G3 and while the phone is differentiating itself from its predecessor, the latest purported photos of the device suggests that it’s taking its cues from its competition. Pictured above is a front to back view of a gold G3, yes, gold like the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One. It’s like gold is the new white. Remember a few years back when everyone wanted a white phone because of the iPhone? Sadly, Apple releasing the iPhone 5s in gold appears to be having the same effect on smartphone manufacturer’s today.

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Yahoo launches its News Digest app on Android, adds international & Canadian editions


Following confirmation during an interview with Marissa Mayer at the TechCrunch Disrupt event this week, a version of Yahoo’s popular News Digest app is now available to Android users. Yahoo made the announcement on its blog today where it also noted that new international and Canadian editions of the app have arrived.

Mayer noted in the interview this week that News Digest was one of the company’s mobile apps that its most proud of. The app, which offers users a daily dose of news in a concise format, has been experiencing impressive engagement among users on iOS since launching last year.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get where in terms of the new editions in each country: Read more

Samsung’s head of mobile design resigns, VP Lee Min-hyouk to replace


Chang Dong-hoon, Samsung’s head of mobile design, has stepped down from his position due to criticism of the Galaxy S5, according to Reuters. Chang will be replaced by the company’s current vice president of mobile design, Lee Min-hyouk. Lee joined Samsung’s executive team in 2010 after helping design the company’s Galaxy lineup.

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android devices in the world, and recently wrapped up a software patent lawsuit brought by Apple in which the Korean company was ordered to pay out just under $120 million for in which several Galaxy devices were found to infringe on Apple’s intellectual property.

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LG announces 5.5″ 2560×1440 display, coming soon to a G3 near you


LG tonight announced its latest mobile display, which will bring about a QHD (also known as 2K, or 2560×1440 pixels) panel in a 5.5″ form factor. That brings a whopping 538 pixels per inch. As chance would have it, LG is also about to release its latest flagship device, the G3, which also just happens to be rumored to ship with a 5.5″ 2560×1440 display. Coincidence? I think not. Read more

Motorola website listing adds fuel to the X+1 smartphone rumors

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.42.37 PM

A store listing on Motorola’s website (via Droid Life) has given us an early look at the currently-unannounced Moto X+1, which will be available on AT&T whenever it’s finally made public. The phone looks very similar to the current Moto X, so most of the big changes to the device will presumably be under-the-hood.

There is at least one change being made to the outside of the phone. The X+1 recently showed up on the MotoMaker tool that allows users to build customized versions of the Moto X. According to the options on that website, the phone will be available with 25 different backplates to choose from.

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Google Play Services 4.4 lets devs detect running & walking, embed StreetView, more


Google announced today that it’s rolling out Google Play Services 4.4, the latest release of its suite of tools for Android developers. The update adds a number of notable new features that devs can integrate into their apps including Street View and “new features in Location, Games Services, Mobile Ads, and Wallet API.”

For location, Google is now letting developers detect when users are running or walking. Previously developers could only detect if users were in a vehicle, on a bike, or on foot. The big announcement, however, is the ability to embed Street View imagery from Maps: Read more

Bring your Samsung Galaxy S5 to work with Knox 2.0


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 might be dust and water resistant, but the company’s flagship smartphone is now ready to take on the roughest of terrains — the office. Today, the South Korean electronics manufacturer announced a new version of its Knox security software that lets GS5 owners use their phone at their job. Rebranded as Knox Workspace, this updated platform features two new cloud-based services Knox EMM and Knox Marketplace. The former gives your employer’s IT department remote access to your device, while the latter is the software’s dedicated app store.

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Meet the Ascend P7, Huawei’s new ultra-thin flagship smartphone


Today during a press event in Paris, Chinese phone maker Huawei announced its newest smartphone, the Ascend P7. At a glance, this slim 6.5mm device bears a small resemblance to an iPhone, but there’s definitely some noticeable differences going on here. The Ascend P7 features a 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 13-megapixel rear-facing shooter accompanied by an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a HiSilicon quad-core 1.8GHz processor.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini might be called Galaxy S5 Dx


The Galaxy S5 mini could be branded as the as the Galaxy S5 Dx, according to a purported screenshot from Samsung’s UK website. This slight name change would follow suit with the company’s recent rebranding of its camera-centric phone line, now known as the Galaxy K Zoom. If you look closely, the photo’s url reveals a model number of SM-G800, so that’ll be something to keep an eye out for going forward.

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