Samsung and Barnes & Noble holding Nook event on August 20th in New York City

Samsung-Barnes & Noble

A little over two months ago, Samsung and Barnes & Noble announced that the next Nook e-reader would be a co-branded Galaxy Tab 4. Today, both companies began sending out invitations to a media event on August 20th that will take place in New York City. The two organizations will use this gathering as a platform to show off the next generation of Nook hardware, while further discussing their partnership.

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Google releases updated build of Android L for Nexus 5 and 7


Google today released a slightly newer build of its upcoming Android L operating system for two Nexus devices. Spotted by Android Police, the updated version of the OS sports a build number of LPV81C, which is only two days newer than the previous developer release, though Google’s build numbering scheme does allow for newer builds to use an older date code if only minor changes have been made since that date.

That seems to be the case here, as no major changes have yet been spotted in the updated releases. It’s quite possible that this was simply a small maintenance or bug fix patch to resolve small issues that had been discovered. The updated build is only available for Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet at the moment, though it could be released for other devices later.

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Throwback Thursday: Verizon introduces push-to-talk support to select Android devices


Push-to-talk was a big thing about a decade ago, but nowadays Google Play is loaded with apps that simulate the once prominent tech. As a result, most wireless carriers to step away from promoting PTT support, however Verizon doesn’t seem ready to let go. Today, the company announced the availability of push-to-talk support for some of its LTE capable smartphones.

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LG’s new short film tells a tale of love and the G3 Beat


Last month, LG announced the G3 Beat, a mid-range smartphone that was coming to South Korea and Europe. In an effort to expand the device’s appeal, LG recently put together a near three minute promotional short film showing off some of the phone’s best features. Not really a technical showcase, this new handset is pretty much a bogged down version of the company’s flagship G3. Read more

FCC filing reveals height & width (but not depth) of Samsung Galaxy Alpha


A few days after we saw new photos of the upcoming metal-bodied Samsung Galaxy Alpha in white, an FCC filing spotted by phoneArena reveals the height and width.

Listed only by its FCC ID of A3LSMG850F, the dimensions fit earlier rumors that the handset would be smaller than the Galaxy S5, with a 4.8-inch 720p display in place of the S5’s 5.1-inch 1080p screen. The dimensions are shown as 133x67mm, around a centimetre shorter and about half a centimetre narrower than the S5 …  Read more

NFL Now app launches on Android & iOS, with personalized video stream & more


A new NFL Now app has launched on Android & iOS, offering fans a personalized video stream of their favorite teams.

NFL Now delivers a personalized video stream of your favorite NFL teams, players and coaches right to your phone or tablet. Get exclusive interviews and stories about your team, breaking news on your fantasy players, and unlimited access to your favorites in the NFL Films Archives.

This official NFL product combines all of the intense football you love with a smart, easy-to-use interface. NFL Now learns what you like and delivers a non-stop stream of customized NFL content gathered just for you …

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