Chrome/OS November 5, 2015

GOOG: 731.25

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Chrome/OS November 3, 2015

GOOG: 722.16

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Earlier today, Twitter ditched favoriting tweets in favor of liking them, and in turn replaced the social network’s beloved star icon with an adorable heart. This change is of course — as with every change that comes to pretty much every social network, ever — very controversial, with many arguing that it’s simply a lazy move. Many say that it’s simply more evidence of Twitter’s problems in a world where its main competitor is now moving beyond likes to reactions that are more complex.

But if you use Google Chrome, and statistics says that you probably do, favorites don’t have to be completely dead quite yet. Thanks to a new Chrome extension called “Fav Forever,” you can keep those stars around as long as you want… expand full story


Dish Network’s Sling TV has been around for a while, but one feature that was long been missing from its Android and iPhone apps was Chromecast support. Now, following Google’s announcement last month that the feature was on the way, watchers of live on-demand TV programming via Sling TV can finally sling that content onto their big screen… expand full story

Chrome/OS November 2, 2015

GOOG: 721.11

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Officially offering a denial to a report last week claiming Chrome OS would merge into Android by 2017, Google has taken to its Chrome blog to say Chrome OS is here to stay. Chromebooks that run the Chrome operating system has taken off especially well in the classroom, giving Google added incentive to ensure Chrome OS users that the platform isn’t facing any dramatic changes in the near future. Hoping to convince users that recent reports of the future of Chrome OS are wrong, Google has shared some usage numbers and even offered a peek into the future of Chrome OS… expand full story

Chrome/OS October 30, 2015

GOOG: 710.81

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Following through on a threat made earlier this month, Amazon has pulled Google’s Chromecast hardware from its online stores, regardless of whether it was being sold by Amazon directly or third-party vendors in Amazon’s Marketplace.

Amazon notified third-party merchants that it planned to remove Chromecasts and Apple TVs from its listings, claiming an interest in reducing “consumer confusion” over streaming media players that don’t “interact well with Prime Video,” Amazon’s streaming video service. Chromecast and Apple TV pages currently lead to 404 Document Not Found error pages, while attempts to search for the products now redirect to Amazon’s own Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, PlayStation TV, and a collection of off-brand alternatives. Certain Chromecast accessories remain available for purchase, however…

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Following reports yesterday that Chrome OS might vanish and be merged in to Android, one of Google’s chiefs was keen to defend the platform and state that it’s not going anywhere. Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android, Chromecast and Chrome OS tweeted that the company is still ‘very committed to Chrome OS’ and that the platform as a whole is seeing huge momentum…

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