Leaked photos show claimed early Motorola smartwatch prototype


A day after Motorola revealed that it is working on a smartwatch for release later this year, Android Police posted low-resolution photos of what it says is an early prototype from some point last year. The unnamed source claims that the watch was code-named Gem but known to the development team as the Google Watch.

With Motorola having now parted company from Google, and Google believed to be working on an LG-made Nexus-branded smartwatch to be announced next month and launched at Google I/O in June, the one certainty is that this device won’t be launched as the Google Watch …  Read more

Google, Samsung, Apple & others push EU to combat patent trolls

court-decision1Bloomberg reports that Google, Apple, Samsung and others have teamed up to co-sign a letter sent to the European Union requesting policy changes that will limit the ability of patent trolls to block product sales. Apple and Samsung are just two of 19 companies backing the letter:

Apple and Samsung are among 19 companies and associations that told the EU in a letter that a new court should limit the ability of companies that license technology to win court injunctions when the validity of the underlying patent is in dispute.

Manufacturers are turning to lawmakers and courts in Europe and America in battles with patent trolls, a derogatory term for intellectual property owners that don’t manufacturer products and instead rely on license fees. A similar group of companies are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to make it easier for them to collect legal fees in patent disputes.

As noted in the report, similar initiatives involving many of the same companies have recently been put before the U.S. Supreme Court. Apple made its feelings on patent trolls pretty clear in a recent FTC filing when it revealed that it was the subject of 92 lawsuits by patent assertion entities over the course of the past three years. That, Apple noted, is more than any other company. Google published its own blog post today noting “the current draft rules contain certain provisions that trolls could exploit, taking a potentially serious toll on economic growth and innovation in Europe.” Read more

Samsung unveils Gear Fit curved fitness wearable with heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking

Image: BI

Image: Business Insider

Just a couple of days after taking the wraps off of a pair of new Gear smart watches, Samsung has entered the health and fitness game with a dedicated fitness wearable. The device, dubbed the Gear Fit, features a 1.8-inch AMOLED curved display, a water-resistant design, and three-four days of battery life on a single charge. The fitness oriented device has fitness coaching, can count your steps, and measure your heart rate.

BusinessInsider has some quick impressions of the device:

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Sony announces 4K capable Xperia Z2 waterproof phone & tablet, fitness band and mid-range M2 phone


The Sony Xperia Z2 waterproof phone with 4K video recording

Sony announced four new products at Mobile World Congress: two new Xperia phones, a matching tablet and a fitness band.

The Xperia Z2, the replacement for its Z1 waterproof phone, adds 4K video recording, SteadyShot image-stabilisation, digital noise-cancelling stereo mics and what the company describes as its ‘brightest and most vivid’ LED display. We first got wind of the 4K video capabilities last month via a screengrab of the camera app …  Read more

New Samsung Gear 2 / Neo Smartwatches (Gold is Best!) shown in leaks

Samsung-watch-Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

We’re expecting to see Samsung unveil an update to their Galaxy Gear Smartwatches in Barcelona next week and of course that means electronics leaker @evleaks has them for us this week.  It seems that these won’t be branded Galaxy and will be called Gear 2 and Neo. Recent reports indicate that these won’t be running Android and speculation is that is that they will be running Tizen or some other Samsung Homebrew.  Oh, and Gold.

The Feb 24th date on the face seems to indicate that we’re 2 days away from launch.

Google Barge set to leave Treasure Island pier for a new location within 30 days


Image via KPIX

Google has confirmed to San Francisco authorities that it plans to move the incomplete Google Barge project to a new location within the next month, reports CNET. It seems the California state government was not so pleased to have Google’s construction project sitting in idle at a pier without the proper permits and offered the company an ultimatum: file the proper papers or move on.

Google chose the latter. Government officials were told last week that Google would be moving the barge to an undisclosed new location at some point within the next thirty days.

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