Talking Schmidt: Our biggest search competitor is Amazon

Business Leaders Meet In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Co. Annual Conference

Eric Schmidt has been busy pounding the pavement promoting his new book How Google Works, but today the Google chairman switched gears and made a stop in Berlin to visit the headquarters of Native Instruments, a major producer of hardware and software for digital music production. In front of an intimate group of company founders, scientists and economists, Schmidt touched on important topics like innovation, tech and the future of the internet.

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FBI director continues push against Google & Apple on smartphone encryption (Video)

James Comey FBI Director

FBI Director James Comey isn’t backing down from his position that Google and Apple are wrong to encrypt customer smartphone data preventing law enforcement agencies the possibility of access if requested. After last month sharing that the FBI was in talks with the two companies to discuss concerns with marketing devices as being inaccessible to third-parties including the government, the FBI Director spoke with CBS News in an interview where he continued to make the case against such encryption… Read more

Google trialling free video chats with doctors when you search for symptoms


Google has confirmed to Engadget that it is trialling a feature which detects when someone is searching for symptoms of an illness, and proactively offers a video chat with a doctor.

The message states that “all costs are covered by Google during this limited trial,” suggesting that the service will be a paid one if and when it launches …  Read more

Google’s updated ‘right to be forgotten’ stats: 497k links evaluated, 42% removed


Google has updated its transparency report for the controversial ‘right to be forgotten‘ ruling, requiring it to remove links to sensitive information about individuals when it is considered out-dated or irrelevant.

The company revealed that it has now received 144,907 requests to evaluate almost half a million links, and that it has so far removed 41.8% of those. Links to facebook topped the list, with 3,331 URLs removed from search results …  Read more

Google announces new Chromebook for Work features, $50/year subscription option

Chromebook2_015_Detail2_Titanium Gray

Google, in a post on the official Google Work blog today, announced several enhancements coming to enterprise Chromebook users.  In addition to a slew of new features for places using Chromebooks for Work, Google also announced a new pricing scheme for enterprise users. For $50 per device per year, users can get access to all of Google’s Chromebook for Work features, although that only applies to customers in the United States and Canada.

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Google announces that you can now pre-order movies on Google Play


In a post on Google+ this evening, Google has announced that starting today users in the United States can now pre-oder feature films from Google Play. This means that customers can get their copy of movies before they’re released digitally or on DVD to the rest of the United States.

Pre-order movies have arrived on Google Play! Excited about an awesome big-screen blockbuster? Now you can reserve your copy of box-office hits before they’re released digitally or on DVD!

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Non-traditional news sources now emphasized in Google search pages, including Reddit



Search Engine Land has received confirmation from Google that it is widening its sources for the news callout boxes in Google search results. Previously, this section of Google search pages only included select online publications and newspapers.

With this new change, though, Google says that almost any form of online article content can now be presented in this fashion. This includes Reddit posts. Google has officially commented on the change; the statement is included below.

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Yes, of course you can run Windows 95 on your Android Wear devices but should you?

2255122926af48c95fcd49c7df472a73In a clip that would probably freak out our recent ancestors, Corbin Davenport has managed to port Windows 95 over to the Samsung Gear Live via ADosBox emulator. Is it stable or useful? No. but it is interesting to see what you can do. Who will be first to run Mac OS 8?

Davenport also Minecraft, and old school PC shooter Doom (below): Read more

Google announces plans for new innovation campus for entrepreneurs in Spain

Campus Cafe

Google has announced that it is creating another one of its ‘campuses’ in Spain, following successful launches in London and Tel Aviv. These spaces are targeted at entrepreneurs looking for informal office spaces to kickstart new projects and careers. Campuses include working areas, testing devices as well as teaching from experienced mentors and business leaders.

Essentially, Google makes these areas to help startups get off the ground. It is an ethically driven venture for Google as there is no charge for participation. Google claims that the campus in London created more than 570 jobs last year. It is looking to recreate similar levels of success in Spain.

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Alleged HTC Nexus 9 tablet passes through the FCC


The supposed HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet has been rumored relatively often over the last few months, with renders of the device leaking and the a supposed keyboard accessory for it passing through the NCC. Now, the alleged Nexus 9 itself has passed through FCC testing. The documents, first noticed by Blogofmobile, show the device as carrying the model number 0P82100, which matches what appeared in leaks earlier this year.

The documents show that the device will feature both BlueTooth and NFC connectivity. Although this specific FCC filing makes no specific mention of cellular connectivity, it is believed that the 0P82100 model of the Nexus 9 will be the WiFi-only variant, with a 4G model launching separately. Other alleged features of the device include an NVIDIA K1 processor, an aluminum design, 2GB of RAM, and front-facing speakers.

While the FCC certification of the device still leaves a lot of answers unknown, it does mean that we are nearing a launch of the Nexus 9. Perhaps we’ll even see it launch alongside the Nexus 6.

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Samsung paid Microsoft $1B in patent royalties last year, but it now wants to void the contract


Samsung and Microsoft initially inked an Android patent licensing deal back in 2011, but since then, Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone has grown incredibly fast. The South Korean company, according to court documents that become public on Friday, is now saying that it no longer wants to pay the royalties to Microsoft.

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