Google Corporate ▪ May 11, 2014


In case an 8.3-inch display wasn’t your size, LG has three more sizes of G Pad to choose from as of today. The new models come in three sizes and will likely come with similar specs to LG’s highly-touted 8.3-inch model.

Highlights of LG’s new G Pad Series tablets are:

● G Pad 7.0: Designed to be held in one hand, LG’s smallest tablet is an on-the-go entertainment hub that delivers both portability and power.
● G Pad 8.0: With its 8-inch display, LG’s mid-sized tablet offers an immersive multimedia experience and smooth multitasking.
● G Pad 10.1: With the largest display and battery, LG’s 10.1-inch tablet provides endless hours of entertainment and fun.

LG didn’t offer much more in the way of specs, ship date or pricing but expect that news to come soon.

Me? I’d probably wait for the Google Play or “Silver” version because the generic Android flies on the 8.3.

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Google Corporate ▪ May 9, 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-09 13.48.42

It is just a landing page so far but it appears google is looking to sponsor some innovation in a place that is near and dear to its heart: Power conversion. The Website opened up today challenging inveters to reduce the footprint of power inversion.

Why does Google care? All of those servers in its data center use DC power which is often changed from AC that is brought through power lines.

It is also how solar DC gets changed into AC for transport something that makes it relevant to the energy event going on right now sponsored by president Obama expand full story

Google Corporate ▪ May 7, 2014


Following a proposal that many fear threatens net neutrality, a plethora of tech companies today have come together to support net neutrality in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission. The group is led by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and Twitter, as well as many others.

The letter voices disapproval of a recent proposal that would allow people to pay more in order to gain a higher priority from their internet service provider. The letter focuses on keeping the internet open, and perhaps treated as a utility. The companies make the case that with this new paid prioritization proposition, ISPs would be discriminating both technically and financially against internet companies

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Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.39.52 PM

Anyone who has followed Google over the past few years knows that it has had more than its fair share of privacy issues. The company’s had run ins with the UK governmentUS government, and others about privacy concerns, in addition to facing criticism over Google Glass. Microsoft has also mocked Google for its privacy issues as part of its “Scroogled” ad campaign. Now, a German activist group that calls themselves Peng Collective has launched a new website that parodies Google, its privacy issues, and apparent need to know everything about everyone.

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appetas google

Google’s buying spree continues today, and the latest startup to be snapped up is Appetas. Appetas specialized in providing websites for restaurants. In a blog post (via TechCrunch) published on Appetas’ site, the company states that it will be shutting down its service as the acquisition moves forward. expand full story

Google Corporate ▪ May 6, 2014


Google X, Google’s top-secret lab thought about creating a jetpack, but determined the idea wasn’t practical. The same R&D group that didn’t shy away from trying to build a space elevator felt that such a contraption might not fit in with Google’s eco-friendly projects.

Astro Teller, Google X’s “Captain of Moonshots,” is tasked with overseeing long-term projects that think outside of the box to solve serious world problems. We’ve seen some exciting things like Glass come out of Google X, but sometimes things just don’t work. One of the team’s abandoned ideas was a secure jetpack.

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