Facebook tops Google Maps for #1 spot in used mobile apps list, but Google retains 5 of top 6 spots


ComScore has taken a look at the most used mobile apps across the iOS and Android platforms. Though mapping is a crucial feature on smartphone and tablet devices, Facebook’s mobile application actually surpassed the usage of Google Maps on iOS and Android in 2012.

ComScore says that a drop in Google Maps usage occurred this past fall because of its removal from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 6. However, even though it still is behind Facebook on the list, Google’s Maps software once again picked up steam when it came back to iOS via the App Store

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Court docs reveal email exchange between Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs over poaching employees


Earlier this month, a U.S. District Judge in California ordered Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and others to give depositions in an ongoing private lawsuit. Employees brought on the private lawsuit alleging  “no-poach” agreements the companies entered would drive down wages. Today, new details have emerged after a request to keep court documents secrets was denied by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh.

While emails exchanged between Steve Jobs and former Palm CEO Ed Colligan have been the focus on the documents, The Verge also pointed us to emails exchange between Jobs and Google execs. Below we have an email form Jobs to Schmidt asking to put a stop to Google recruiting employees from its iPod team, as well as one where Schmidt discussed not wanting to create a paper trail: Read more

Latest Google Transparency Report highlights US government’s growing requests for users’ data

Google just pushed out new data for its Transparency Report to show how the U.S. government’s requests for users’ data have steadily increased in recent months and years.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company notably highlighted request growth in the second half of 2012, and how they’ve increased by more than 70 percent since 2009, as usage of its services continued to grow. Google specifically revealed on the official Google Blog that it received 21,389 requests from 33,634 users between July and December 2012:

We’ve shared figures like this since 2010 because it’s important for people to understand how government actions affect them. We’re always looking for ways to make the report even more informative. So for the first time we’re now including a breakdown of the kinds of legal process that government entities in the U.S. use when compelling communications and technology companies to hand over user data.

Among the notable numbers from the second half of 2012, Google said 68 percent of government requests were through subpoenas under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act without the involvement of a judge. The company then said 22 percent of government requests were ECPA search warrants issued by judges, and the remaining 10 percent were ECPA court orders issued by judges, etc.

Check it out: 

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Pebble watch app for Android Google Play Store to be available tomorrow, first units begin shipping


Pebble has posted a note on its Kickstarter page to confirm that, as promised, shipments of the E-Paper watch have begun to first backers. While the iOS application might see delays (depending on approval from Apple), the Android Google Play app will be available tomorrow, January 24th.

Pebble says that, it unfortunately, was not able to get out as many Pebble units today as planned. The company is shipping out 500 watches today, with more shipping out soon. The company warns that shipment confirmation emails may have gone out to backers whose watches actually did not ship out today. The company has put together a website for backers to check their shipment status. A website for those who ordered directly from the Pebble website (not Kickstarter) is in the works.


Pebble says that its full mass production capacity per day is 2,400 units. However, the company is currently producing only 800-1000 watches each day. The first production and shipping run of Pebbles is for the most popular unit, the black colored watch, according to the company’s new Kickstarter posting. Producing multiple colors simultaneously was proven “impossible,” according to Pebble’s creators. They are hoping to begin making other colored units soon.

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There are actually scientists at Google trying to make their incredible workplace even better [video]

CBS News went behind the scenes to see how Google has people constantly trying to make Googlers’ work lives even better. Remember, this is the company that just reported record earnings, so focusing on the employee work-life balance seems to be paying off.

Ultimately, the goal behind all of this number-crunching is to extend the life of the average Googler by an astonishing 30 years. The company wants people to live longer, Bock said. “It’s funny,” he said. “I think our oldest Googler is 83 years old and we want people at Google for a lifetime.” Read more