Google Corporate ▪ May 7, 2014

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Google’s buying spree continues today, and the latest startup to be snapped up is Appetas. Appetas specialized in providing websites for restaurants. In a blog post (via TechCrunch) published on Appetas’ site, the company states that it will be shutting down its service as the acquisition moves forward. expand full story

Google Corporate ▪ May 6, 2014


Google X, Google’s top-secret lab thought about creating a jetpack, but determined the idea wasn’t practical. The same R&D group that didn’t shy away from trying to build a space elevator felt that such a contraption might not fit in with Google’s eco-friendly projects.

Astro Teller, Google X’s “Captain of Moonshots,” is tasked with overseeing long-term projects that think outside of the box to solve serious world problems. We’ve seen some exciting things like Glass come out of Google X, but sometimes things just don’t work. One of the team’s abandoned ideas was a secure jetpack.

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In addition to the new ChromeOS and Intel-based ChromeBook announcements this morning, Intel announced an important new manufacturing initiative for its computer microprocessors. The company announced via a video that it will be moving production of its processors to completely lack conflict materials. These new chips, including the more efficient Bay Trail, will be conflict free in the new ChromeBooks. Intel’s video explicitly mentions materials such as gold, tungsten, and tin coming from war zones in the Congo. The video says that Intel is choosing to completely revamp its processor manufacturing operations and to assist these zones rather than abandoning them and moving to already conflict-free zones for sourcing materials.

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Also at the Intel/Google event this morning, the companies announced a new Lenovo “Yoga” ThinkPad laptop line. The computer, which was shown off earlier this year, is closer to launch and the companies announced some new details. They say that the laptop is ruggedized and oriented toward the education market. Earlier today, Google announced a stronger ChromeOS push into education.

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The Yoga laptop has a 360-degree, rotating screen. The computer runs the new “Bay Trail” Intel processor, and this chip unlocks a plethora of potential hardware advancements. The more efficient software unlocks 11 hours of battery life (up from 10 on Haswell) and makes for thinner/lighter devices, fanless designs, 802.11ac WiFi connectivity, and new form factor possibilities.

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At the Intel/Google event this morning, Google announced that a few high-profile Android features will be making their way to the ChromeOS computer operating system. First and foremost: voice actions and Google Now support.

Google Now is Google’s voice-based system for accessing information via Google Search and voice-actions will allow a user to control certain functions of their ChromeOS devices by way of voice interaction.

Other notable features coming to ChromeOS include offline support for some Google Play content. Google will be starting off with Movies and TV shows, with more content (like Music) presumably to follow in the future.

The updates announced today should be hitting ChromeOS in the coming weeks.

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JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon isn’t just keeping an eye on other financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of American. The company’s CEO is also sizing up Google and its online services like Wallet. “We move $10 trillion a day,” Dimon said today at the Euromoney Saudi Arabia conference in Riyadh. “We’re one of the largest payments systems in the world. We’re going to have competition from Google and Facebook and somebody else.”

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