Asus PadFone unboxing/review

The Detroit Borg does a nice and thorough 4K unboxing/review of the Asus PadFone on AT&T.

TL;DW Excellent phone, tablet a little clunky.

My take: The hardware to make this able to dock a phone seems like more effort/space/cost/etc than just making a separate tablet. If OSes had better “continuity” and carriers would just sell buckets of data across all devices, there would be no need for something like this. Until that time, this will definitely hit a niche market.  Read more

Google advances its connected home plans, acquires Dropcam by way of Nest for $555 million


Google-owned Nest has just announced that it acquired home monitoring firm Dropcam, which makes security cameras that can be monitored remotely from a smartphone or tablet, as reported by Re/code. The buyout will cost Nest $555 million.

The companies will continue to operate independently for now, but will eventually work together on new products, according to Nest’s Matt Rogers:

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Google quietly acquires Alpental Technologies, a start-up led by former Clearwire researchers


Google, as noticed by GeekWire, has just acquired the networking start-up Alpental Technologies. The start-up is relatively unknown and never received too much press attention. Alpental was founded by former Clearwire executives, Pete Gelbman and Mike Hart. The former worked at Clearwire for seven years as a founding member of the company’s CTO group. He also oversaw the company’s systems engineering, intellectual property, and corporate research.

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Google’s latest Chrome experiment lets you flex your fútbol skills


The World Cup is currently underway and everywhere you go people are talking about the tournament. Whether you’re a fútbol fanatic or just a casual fan of the beautiful game, Google’s got you covered. Today, the company released Kick With Chrome, a browser-based set of three different games: Infinite Dribble, Space Kick, and Shootout. Mountain View calls this playful trio a Chrome experiment “that will help you tap into your inner soccer champion. But in reality it’s a demo showing off several different web technologies.

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Researchers find major security flaw in Android apps on Google Play, working with Google to fix

Google-PlayA recent study presented just yesterday by Columbia Engineering computer science professor Jason Nieh and PhD candidate Nicolas Viennot might be the most comprehensive look yet at the Google Play store and some of the issues plaguing it. The bad news is the researchers were able to discover what they think is a pretty serious security flaw (TheLoop via

Nieh and Viennot discovered all kinds of new information about the content in Google Play, including a critical security problem: developers often store their secret keys in their apps software, similar to usernames/passwords info, and these can be then used by anyone to maliciously steal user data or resources from service providers such as Amazon and Facebook. These vulnerabilities can affect users even if they are not actively running the Android apps. Nieh notes that even “Top Developers,” designated by the Google Play team as the best developers on Google Play, included these vulnerabilities in their apps.

According to the report, Google is working with the researchers to prevent similar problems in the future and has already started the process of informing developers about necessary changes: Read more

Google launches Made with Code initiative to inspire girls to code

Google today announced that it’s launching a new initiative dubbed Made with Code that hopes to inspire girls to learn code and support computer science programs. While announcing the new program, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki noted in a blog post today that “fewer than one percent of high school girls express interest in majoring in computer science.” Here’s what girls that sign-up to participate will get through the program: Read more