Google Corporate March 11

Surely by now you’ve seen various jokes about Google’s autocomplete feature, which suggests endings for your search terms based on what other people commonly search for, but now a new game will test your ability to predict those sometimes nonsensical queries.

The game is called Google Feud, and, as the title suggests, it works in basically the same way as the popular TV game show Family Feud. The game presents players with an incomplete search item and asks them to guess the top ten crowd-sourced recommendations Google makes to complete the phrase. The answers are pulled in via the Google API in real-time to ensure the most up-to-date information.

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Google has today launched the Google Store, a new marketplace separate from the Play Store that will let customers browse devices and products that were “made with Google.” You’ll find the wide variety of products you’ve come to shop for in the Play Store, including Chromebooks, Nexus devices, Android Wear smartwatches, and Nest smart thermostats among many others…

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Today, Google announced Google Cloud Storage “Nearline” – a new class of storage service for businesses to “easily backup and store limitless amounts of data at a very low cost and access it at any time, in a matter of seconds (instead of hours).”

The idea is that you can receive your data in a matter of seconds (which frankly is close to online service providers) but only pay what offline data providers charge. It is a big enterprise push and Google has lined up some impressive partners.

In this push, Google is leveraging its economies of scale and expertise in large scale storage combined with its Enterprise Apps offerings. It is a shot across the bow of traditional offline storage providers who can’t offer Google’s scale.  From the Blog post: expand full story


More than a year after a failed attempt at establishing a retail presence, Google has opened the first ever Google Shop, reports the Telegraph.

The store, to be called The Google shop, will sell the company’s range of Android phones and tablets, Chromebook laptops, and Chromecast TV services. The shop will hold tutorials showing consumers how to use the devices and hold demonstrations showing off key Google apps. It is the first time that Google has opened a shop under its own name.

The Google Shop is store-within-a-store in a flagship branch of Currys PC World, a large electronics retail chain on Tottenham Court Road. The road is gadget central in London, almost every other store on the street selling consumer electronics …  expand full story

Google Corporate March 10

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette is retiring from the company. Pichette joined Google as CFO and a senior vice president in August of 2008. Prior to joining Google, Pichette worked at Bell Canada for seven years and also was also a partner at McKinsey & Company.

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