Saturday Night Live hits Google Glass

If you wonder what normals are thinking, the above is probably a good guess. Google would be well served to make a few more of those feel good movies to counter the rising sentiment against the product. Read more

Google Glass: the case for the prosecution & the defense (Video)

When you stage a debate on Google Glass between a self-described technology evangelist and a man who believes that current technology trends are debasing culture, things are likely to get interesting … especially when the discussion begins with the question of the etiquette of wearing the gadget at a urinal.

Check out The Next Web‘s conference video below of a conversation between Glass enthusiast Robert “I will never live a day of my life from now on without it” Scoble and British entrepreneur and privacy advocate Andrew Keen …

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UK govt to quiz Google on whether it was ‘economical with the truth’ on tax

The British government, which previously questioned Google’s tax arrangements in the country, is to call the company back in to determine whether it has been “economical with the truth” in its previous responses, reports Reuters.

Last November, Google claimed that the reason it paid just £6m tax in the UK on a turnover of £395m was that all its Adword sales to UK customers were handled by staff based in Ireland, Google spokesman Matt Brittin openly admitting that this was to reduce tax payments. A Reuters investigation now casts doubt on this claim … Read more

Google I/O sessions list goes live, only one (3 hour long!) keynote this year

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.09.33 PM

Google just posted the I/O 2013 schedule and some surprises right off the bat. It looks like there is only 1 keynote this year but it will be a mind boggling 3 hours long according to the schedule (with break) from 9am-12 PT on May 15th.  There will also be satellite events happening around the world. We’re not seeing any Glass specific tracks scheduled but oops a commenter found a few:

There are a bunch of Glass specific sections. Just click the button
at the bottom of each day that says “Show other Tracks”. There is
even a session specifically on how to hack and get root on Glass.
Should be a fun IO.

What happens when OLPC drops 1000 Motorola Xooms in Ethiopian villages


Dvice reported on a One Laptop Per Child experiment to deliver devices direct to kids, rather than via schools. OLPC dropped 1,000 Motorola Xoom tablets, sealed in boxes, to two remote villages in Ethiopia where the literacy rate is close to zero. In other words, the exact opposite of conventional wisdom, which says you deliver them via schools to areas where kids already read and write English.

“We left the boxes in the village. Closed. Taped shut. No instruction, no human being. I thought, the kids will play with the boxes! Within four minutes, one kid not only opened the box, but found the on/off switch. He’d never seen an on/off switch. He powered it up. Within five days, they were using 47 apps per child per day. Within two weeks, they were singing ABC songs [in English] in the village. And within five months, they had hacked Android. Some idiot in our organization or in the Media Lab had disabled the camera! And they figured out it had a camera, and they hacked Android.” Read more