Google Corporate January 26

As it does for other Global emergencies, Google has opened up its Crises Map to consolidate all kinds of geo-info for folks in the Northeast and their loved-ones to get the latest info on the Blizzard of 2015.

When a disaster strikes, the Google Crisis Response team assesses the severity and scope of the disaster, and the relevance of our tools for the situation to determine whether and how to respond.

Stay safe out there!

The Google Lunar Xprize contest has the final goal of taking a robot to the moon, but it’s not just going to lay out the entire $30 million in prizes on one day. Today, Google and Xprize announced five companies that are sharing a total of $5.25 million for reaching milestones in three categories of achievement.

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Three years ago, Google, under a secret search warrant from a federal judge, shared the emails and personal data of three WikiLeaks staffers with the US government reports The Guardian. Google was unable to say anything to the group about it doing so until Christmas Eve of 2014, at which point the company told the activist publisher of secret information that it had complied with a Justice Department order from 2012. WikiLeaks wants to know why it took so long.

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Google Corporate January 23


Google Corporate January 22

Google’s Nexus Player has appeared on Newegg’s online store in preparation for a January 25th release, and appears to be showing up in some Walmart stores as well. The $99 streaming device was first announced last year and is currently available through Google’s Play Store.

Along with the Asus-built Nexus Player, shoppers will be able to pick up the associated gamepad for $49. Like the player itself, the gamepad is scheduled to go on sale this Sunday.

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