YouTube will start dropping suspended accounts from channel subscriber counts on June 16th


Today, YouTube announced that it’s deploying a new process to improve the accuracy of subscriber accounts on user channels. On June 16th, Google’s video sharing platform will start pruning suspended accounts from channel subscription counts. Although this will cause a drop in subscribers for some YouTubers, it shouldn’t have any type of impact on their video views, because suspended accounts aren’t active.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition is the game’s biggest update yet, here’s how to sign up for its beta


The forthcoming update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is said to be the game’s biggest patch to date and judging by developer Mojang’s recent blog post, there’s a whole lot of change on the world builder’s docket. Some of the new features for this mega-release include: unlimited worlds, a new culling algorithm, updated falling mechanics for gravel and sand, along with new insta ticking for water and lava.

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Google awards 11-year-old Doodle 4 Google winner with $30,000 college scholarship


An 11-year-old girl from New York has earned money towards her college education thanks to her creativity. Google’s 2014 Doodle 4 Google contest challenged children in grades K-12 to draw an invention that would make the world a better place. Contest winner, Audrey Zhang created a device that tackles one of the world’s biggest issues, the need for clean drinking water.

“To make the world a better place, I invented a transformative water purifier,” Zhang told Google. ” It takes in dirty and polluted water from rivers, lakes, and even oceans, then massively transforms the water into clean, safe and sanitary water, when humans and animals drink this water, they will live a healthier life.”

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Report: AT&T retail stores to be one of the first in U.S. to offer Google Glass (update)


If you can believe it, Google Glass was announced nearly two years ago at Google I/O 2012, becoming available to “Explorers” for the steep price of $1,500. The device didn’t actually ship until nearly a year later, in February 2013, but multiple beta versions of Glass have been in these select few hands since. As for a date when the device would finally go public, Sergey Brin recently said at the Code Conference that Glass would be released this year “plus or minus,” leaving the question as open-ended as ever. Read more

UK updating road laws to allow the use of self-driving cars


The US isn’t the only country making preparations for self-driving cars, the UK is in the process of revamping its laws to allow driverless vehicles to cruise its roads. Science minister David Willetts recently told Mail Online that he has started talking with the Department for Transport to help British companies develop their own self-driving cars, with efforts currently underway in Oxford.

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VLC soon adding Chromecast support to its Android, iOS, and desktop apps


Google’s $35 Chromecast has slowly built up its app portfolio since it was released, and now the device looks like it will be getting another huge service implemented. According to a post on the official VideoLAN forum, discovered by GigaOM, VLC’s developers are currently working on implementing Chromecast support to its media player.

“In addition to the iOS variant, we are also working on a Windows / Linux / Mac implementation, which will take a bit longer because it’s harder.”

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Google reportedly plans to notify people when European users request a link removal


A recent ruling by the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) determined that people had “the right to be forgotten” and mandated that Google remove outdated, unflattering information about them from search queries if requested by an individual. In response to the court’s ruling Mountain View created an online form for people to formally file requests to have old links removed from web searches.

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LG G3: Hands-on and first impressions (video)


LG’s G3 is the big shot smartphone on the block and packs high-end specifications much like its competition, but with one big wow factor. The 5.5-inch display found on the G3 has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 giving it a screen density of 538 PPI, and trust us, that’s as beautiful as it sounds. Every inch of the display is crisp and almost looks as if all of the imagery was printed on a thin piece of glass.

This may be the device to buy in 2014, but we’ll let you know in our full review. Find out more about its beautiful QHD display, specifications, and everything else the G3 has to offer in our hands-on and first impressions video below.

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Google planning ‘Nearby’ feature as possible competitor to Apple’s iBeacon

Screenshots via Android Police

Google is developing a location-aware “Nearby” feature for Android devices that could alert “people, places, and things” to the presence of nearby users, according to a new claim from Android Police.

According to that site’s sources, the feature—seen in the screenshots above—could potentially be used for location-based alerts like reminders and ads, but could also be viewed as a possible competitor to the iBeacon technology implemented in Apple’s latest version of iOS, which is already becoming quite popular among third-party manufacturers.

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Microsoft announces OneNote Clipper for Chrome


Today, Microsoft announced the availability of its OneNote Clipper extension for Chrome. Released earlier this year, this point and click app lets users snap bookmarks of just about anything on the web, making them available to be viewed at a later time. Kind of sounds familiar, huh? To download this software visit while using Chrome and click the install button.

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Report: Google in talks to acquire music streaming service Songza for $15 million


Hot on the heels of Apple buying Beats Music, the NY Post is reporting that Google is in talks to acquire the music streaming company Songza. According to the report, Google is currently offering Songza $15 million. That seems on the low side when compared to the $3 billion Apple paid for Beats, although only $500 million of that was for the smaller Beats streaming service. The NY Post also correctly reported on the Beats acquisition before it happened.

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