Google ‘Nearline’ storage hybrid stores ‘nearly’ online data almost as cheaply as online data

nearlineToday, Google announced Google Cloud Storage “Nearline” – a new class of storage service for businesses to “easily backup and store limitless amounts of data at a very low cost and access it at any time, in a matter of seconds (instead of hours).”

The idea is that you can receive your data in a matter of seconds (which frankly is close to online service providers) but only pay what offline data providers charge. It is a big enterprise push and Google has lined up some impressive partners.

In this push, Google is leveraging its economies of scale and expertise in large scale storage combined with its Enterprise Apps offerings. It is a shot across the bow of traditional offline storage providers who can’t offer Google’s scale.  From the Blog post: Read more

Android 5.1 is rolling out to the Sprint Nexus 6 starting today (and the Note 4 is getting 5.0)


Sprint has announced today that Android 5.1 is rolling out to the Nexus 6, marking yet another carrier launch of the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Recently, T-Mobile said that the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 have already started receiving the update, and now it looks like the first Nexus from Sprint is getting the same…

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Google launches first retail presence with the Google Shop in London, England


More than a year after a failed attempt at establishing a retail presence, Google has opened the first ever Google Shop, reports the Telegraph.

The store, to be called The Google shop, will sell the company’s range of Android phones and tablets, Chromebook laptops, and Chromecast TV services. The shop will hold tutorials showing consumers how to use the devices and hold demonstrations showing off key Google apps. It is the first time that Google has opened a shop under its own name.

The Google Shop is store-within-a-store in a flagship branch of Currys PC World, a large electronics retail chain on Tottenham Court Road. The road is gadget central in London, almost every other store on the street selling consumer electronics …  Read more

Google CFO Patrick Pichette announces retirement, transition to occur over next 6 months

Patrick Pichette

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette is retiring from the company. Pichette joined Google as CFO and a senior vice president in August of 2008. Prior to joining Google, Pichette worked at Bell Canada for seven years and also was also a partner at McKinsey & Company.

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Google releases Calendar for iPhone app

Google just announced its much anticipated Google Calendar app for iPhone is now available on the App Store. The app is essentially an iPhone version of the standalone Calendar mobile app previously only available for Android devices. Google first unveiled the latest version of its Calendar app alongside the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop late last year. 

The Google Calendar app for iPhone works with your Exchange and iCloud calendars and also integrates with Gmail to automatically turn events from emails into Calendar entries. Here’s a rundown on features from Google:

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Purported LG G4 press renders show a LG G3 + G Flex 2 hybrid

OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) | Twitter 2015-03-10 11-01-38

The same guy that leaked the HTC One M9 in late January, Steve Hemmerstoffer of the well-known French site, has today come out via his new “OnLeaks” Twitter account to share what he says are some “early” renders of the LG G4—and the device pictured looks a lot like the LG G Flex 2 that was announced earlier this year at CES…

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Opinion: One thing Android Wear desperately needs to take from Apple Watch

I love my Android Wear smartwatch—it’s a great extension to the Nexus 6 I use daily. But not many people I know have an Android Wear device, even fewer have reason to use one every day, and basically no one (outside of my circle of geeky friends) really understands why they’re useful when I try to explain what they do. My LG G Watch R is seen as cool, because I can flip between a couple dozen watch faces and reply to texts with my voice, but these things don’t really make my peers feel like they’re missing out. It’s cool, but that’s about it.

The Apple Watch was shown off again today—this time in a bit more detail—and it’s clear that the device is going to be competition to the half-dozen-or-so Android Wear devices that are on the market. It’s priced a bit higher, and that’s typical when it comes to Apple products, but there are definitely things that this device offers that Google hasn’t yet introduced. The big one—in my opinion—is Digital Touch, which Apple describes as a “fun, spontaneous way to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist.”

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