2nd gen Moto 360 possibly spotted going through Bluetooth certification

Moto 360

We’re nearing the one year anniversary mark of the first generation Moto 360’s original unveiling, and it’s about time for Motorola to show us what it has up its sleeves for the next iteration of its famed circular smartwatch—if said next generation does exist in the first place. If a newly surfaced filing from Bluetooth SIG is to be believed (via droid-life), the product does indeed appear to have a successor, and it might be closer than we think… Read more

Google updates News & Weather app with Apple Watch support

Google today has released its first application for the Apple Watch in the form of an update to its iOS Google News & Weather app. Launched last fall, Google News & Weather iOS populates local weather and news headlines. On the Apple Watch, based on the screenshots from iTunes, the application pretty much serves the same purpose. Like many other Apple Watch apps based on WatchKit, this new Google application does not appear to be anything special. The screenshots display a bland, text-filled application that is light on functionality…

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Official Google I/O app beta channel updated for 2015, download it here

Update: Google has now updated the I/O app in the Play Store with the changes below ahead of May 28 – May 29 event. Grab it on the Play Store now.

The Google I/O app has received a few major updates over the last few years, each one landing right around the time of Google’s huge developers’ conference taking place in San Francisco, California. Now, some users who joined the beta channel of the Google I/O app last year have started receiving the update to its Google I/O 2015 version, and it packs a nifty super-Material redesign…

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Report: More than 90% of smartwatch display panels are made by LG


According to market research firm DisplaySearch, LG Display—the sole company currently making displays for the Apple Watch—brought in over $186 million during the first quarter of 2015, a number more than 90% of the overall market estimated to be worth a total of $240 million (via Business Korea). Other players in the market have tiny shares in comparison, with Samsung Display in second place with a 3.1% share, followed by Japan Display at 2.1%…

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Yu Yuphoria has decent specs & low-end price, is a great competitor to the Moto E

Amazon.in: Yuphoria: Electronics 2015-05-12 09-03-44

Yu—a subsidiary of Micromax—announced their first device (the Yureka) late last year, but today the company has announced their second entry: the Yuphoria. At first glance you’ll probably notice that the device has a smaller overall build and a metal frame—and that’s exactly the realm of devices that Yu seems to be after with this launch (think the Galaxy A series)… Read more

Google’s Android One initiative reaches Turkey in latest market expansion


Sundar Pichai announcing Android One at Google I/O last year

Ten months after Sundar Pichai announced Android One at Google’s I/O developer conference last year, the program to bring quality and affordable smartphones to developing markets is expanding outside of Asia for the first time. Android One’s latest expansion into Turkey marks the seventh market for the program as it moves into Europe.

General Mobile will offer the first Android One smartphones, the company shared today, albeit at a higher price than Google has targeted for other Android One hardware… Read more

Google admits Hangouts doesn’t use end-to-end encryption, conversations can be wiretapped


Following a Reddit AMA on government surveillance, Google has admitted that while it does encrypt Hangouts conversations, it does not use end-to-end encryption, meaning the company itself can tap into those sessions when it receives a government court order requiring it to do so. This contrasts with the end-to-end encryption used by some services, like Apple’s FaceTime, which cannot be tapped even by the company offering the service.

Motherboard noted that Google has always been vague about the level of encryption offered for Google Hangouts, and that when pressed by principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union Christopher Soghoian, the company would say only that messages were encrypted “in transit” …  Read more

Motorola begins testing Android 5.1 update for 2013 Moto X, rollout to start in a few weeks


In a post on Google+, Motorola this evening announced that the long-awaited Lollipop update for the 2013 Moto X will begin testing this week in both the United States and Latin America. Motorola’s Senior Director of Software Product Management, David Schuster, made the announcement and noted that the after testing via TestDrive is concluded, the update will start full deployment. Schuster anticipates that the full rollout will commence in a “few weeks.”

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Android 5.1.1 factory image for the Nexus 9 now available, here’s how to install it (Update: LTE too!)


Update: Both the Nexus 9 LTE OTA download link and factory image are now available.

Android 5.1.1 has been rolling out for a while, and now the 5.1.1 factory images for the Nexus 9 are starting to show up. Google’s factory image download page was just updated with Android Lollipop 5.1.1 (build LMY47X) for the WiFi-only Nexus 9, and the build for the LTE variant is surely just around the corner… Read more

AP report reveals Google’s self-driving cars have been “involved” in three accidents since September


Google’s self-driving test cars have been involved in a total of three fender-benders since being licensed for use on public roads last September, a new AP report revealed today. All four of the accidents have been at speeds of 10mph or lower, so there hasn’t been any serious damage done yet.

One other autonomous car created by Delphi Automotive has been involved in a low-speed collision. The big difference between the two companies’ situations is that while Delphi only has two cars on the road right now, Google is currently running fifty of them. Strictly speaking in terms of percentages, Google has had much better luck.

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