June 22

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Any SF fan will be familiar with Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics, designed to ensure that robots were safe to be around. Scientists at Google, OpenAI, Stanford and Berkeley have just published a paper proposing the real-life equivalent for AI systems.

In a blog post summarising the proposal, Google Research’s Chris Olah says that while the team believes that AI will greatly benefit humanity, the risks do also need to be considered …

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June 21

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Energy companies in California are set to move customers over to Time of Use plans over the next couple of years, and that’s going to mean that you — the California resident — will be paying for energy based on its exact price at any given moment. Some times of the day are cheaper than others. This is great for some, but it’s going to mean that many are going to have to more closely monitor their energy use if they want to stay in budget.

Nest today has announced that it is bringing a feature, called Time of Savings, to the Nest Thermostat to help you manage your Time of Use energy usage and keep your costs to a minimum…

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Ever since the introduction of a fast and reliable fingerprint scanner integrated into the familiar home button with the iPhone 5s back in 2013, Apple has steadily improved the technology, making it not only more useful with the addition of third party app support in iOS 8, but also marginally bettering its speed.

However, the competition has certainly not stood still, and apparently topping the iPhone 6s‘ performance in this department is the recently-launched OnePlus 3…

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