More alleged HTC M7 images & renders leak, show off Sense 5.0

HTC’s rumored upcoming flagship device, the 4.7-inch ‘M7′, was looking quite iPhone-like in the last set of alleged leaked renders. Today, we get images of the device from a couple of other sources that show HTC might be experimenting with various designs ahead of the product’s launch.

The first set of images, above, come from AndroidPolice, and they show off Sense 5.0 with rearranged home and multitasking buttons. We also get a look at the backside of the device that oddly shows a different Beats audio logo and flash position than the rendered images (below) posted by HTCSource yesterday. It’s of course possible that we’re looking at a prototype of the device in the photos above, and perhaps the renders are closer to what the finished device will look like. Hopefully we actually get eyes on the device next month a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read more

HTC One V now available from Virgin Mobile for $199 contract-free

We heard rumors in March that the HTC One V, which unveiled at MWC in Barcelona, would land in the United States on Virgin Mobile in “late spring” for $200. As noted by Engadget, the company has since announced plans to bring the device to a number of carriers this summer. The One V was spotted today on Virgin Mobile for $199, contract-free. We did not get word of an announcement from Virgin, so we are nor sure exactly when the device went up for sale, but it is definitely an enticing option at $200 for Android 4.0 device packing Beats Audio, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 3.7-inch WVGA display.

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Sprint’s HTC EVO One promo brings back the pin drop

As we noted in our live event coverage, the Sprint EVO One features HD Audio, which should allow users to hear the other side of the conversation much more vividly. Perhaps to illustrate the feature, the HTC promo video brings back the famous 80’s commercial Pin drop.

This is Sprint’s 1980s Pin Drop commercial:

HTC details the design work in the video below:

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Sprint’s HTC EVO One event: Notes and Pictures

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Notes from the event:

  • – Narrator introduction: Sprint was the first carrier with nationwide 4G, first with 3G, and it unveiled the first 3D phone.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse takes the presentation stage floor:

  • – He talks about Sprint’s successful partnership with HTC and Evo.
  • – Showcases network vision, which is an initiative designed to give customers a better network coverage and experience.
  • – He mentions that Evo is an HD voice- capable phone. Mobile voice quality is crystal clear. Enhanced voice quality for Sprint stems back to fiber optic network days of Sprint’s heritage.

HTC President Jason Mackenzie takes the stage to unveil new Evo One:

  • – It has only been two years since both companies originally launched the HTC Evo flagship device.
  • – It was the first 4G smartphone to launch in the United States. This year represents a turning point for HTC, because it is delivering true hero products with beautiful designs, amazing cameras, and an authentic sound.
  • – HTC is not just all about specs; it believes experience is key.
  • – Evo One’s Sense 4 is faster, cleaner, and more intuitive than ever before for delivering a premium experience.
  • – Evo One boasts an amazing camera and awesome sound experience.
  • -Design is something HTC has always been serious about, and it is doubling down this year so phones look and feel great.

HTC Lead Designer Jonah Becker takes the stage to discuss the Evo One’s design:

  • – The Evo name stands for the very best. It features authentic material with meticulous attention to detail.
  • – The Evo One is crafted from aluminum, first given a black finish, and then the edge’s surface is cleaned of edge to bring a highlight to the device’s look.
  • – Design process discussed next (video demo): Red kickstand gives the Evo One an HTC look, but it also serves a purpose.
  • – The Evo One has a soft touch finish and blasted aluminum for texture, and then it undergoes a chemical etching process to create something new to industry without painting or coating.
  • – About 100 different machine cutters are used to create all the features and geometry needed in the HTC Evo One—and people notice. A much-better designed product. “It’s what I want in my pocket.”
  • – New Evo is also a high-end camera like an SLR, and the red ring around lens mimics high-end cameras, while the red band on the back reinforces the HTC brand.
  • – The aluminum gives the Evo One a precise feel, and an actual camera button gives it a real feel.
  • – It is also a multimedia powerhouse; hardware is just a passage to content.
  • – Crisp, rectangular phone mimics TV, and its kickstand lets you go hands free.

Sprint Product Chief Fared Adib takes stage to talk about camera features:

  • – The camera: True digital SLR in phone.
  • – The Evo One sports HTC image sense technology and dedicated imaging chip, with super fast camera startup and auto focus to allow four frames per second in a continuous shooting mode.
  • – Image sense f/2.4 lens with HDR and smart flash makes sure every picture is perfect, i.e., not too dark or too light.
  • – The Evo One takes videos and photos simultaneously without switching between modes. While shooting video, just click shutter button to snap a picture.

Sprint CEO and HTC President are back on stage to conclude presentation:

  • – The HTC Evo One has a focus on sound: Rich, authentic sound with Beats Audio by Dr. Dre.
  • – Evo One has a media manager to get sound from computer to phone, but the music hub also gives access to a user’s music in apps and all other places. Streaming options to car and TV are also available.
  • – HTC voice: In 2012, Sprint will serve 500 million voice minutes. Sprint’s beloved HD voice is the future of phone calls. It is possible through a combination of dual microphones, decoders, encoders, and networks for a richer sound.
  • – Demo video depicts reduced background sound very well. “Hearing is believing.”
  • – Key features: 2,000 mAh batter, 4.7-inch HD screen, and Snapdragon dual core processor, Beats Audio by Dr. Dre, Ice Cream Sandwich OS with Sense 4.0, and a 8-megapixel shooter and 1.3-megapixel camera.

The HTC Evo One will be available in the second quarter for $199.99. Pre-sale starts May 7.

Demonstration area opens:

  • – I played with the phone. It looks cool—feels sturdy and valuable, yet the screen is huge. I had trouble handling it, because I am use to the smaller iPhone. Snapping photos while recording video was excellent. The fast startup and auto focus was also impressive. Camera features are cool too: built-in vignette, panorama, HDR, face detection for group shots, and more. The HD voice demo was amazing, as well. It highlighted absolutely no background sound despite the noisy area. I think the HTC Evo One is a quality phone. There is nothing that stands out when it comes to the user interface, though, as it looks like a typical Android smartphone.

The full-sized pictures are below:

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Preview: Sprint’s HTC EVO One Pictured

The first HTC Evo One reviews are starting to flood the gate before its official launch tonight and initial impressions indicate the device has both good and bad points. said the smartphone is bulky, yet it boasts stellar-quality Beats Audio by Dr. Dre, Ice Cream Sandwich OS with Sense 4.0, and a 8-megapixel shooter and 1.3-megapixel camera worth drooling over.

Despite the praise, the reviewer noted the device “just feels like HTC’s same old thing.” The trimmed Sense and usual ICS experience seemed a bit ho-hum, but then he added that his time spent with the smartphone was limited so complete details are not possible at this time.

A screenshot gallery is available below.

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AT&T first carrier to upgrade Android phone to Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Vivid (Beats too!)


Getting your Android smartphones upgraded to the latest version is an important factor in considering which carrier to go with, because some carriers push updates quickly while others let things fall by the wayside.

This time around, AT&T is the first carrier to upgrade one of its phones to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Besides the Galaxy Nexus devices, and anything running a hacked version or Cyanogen Mod, Vivid owners will be the first U.S. device owners running ICS.

A version of ICS briefly hit Vivid owners earlier this week, but it was pulled. At the moment, we are not able to do the update, but we are told it is rolling out now.

According to HTC’s Twitter account, the Vivid will also get Beats by Dre audio functionality as well.

The full release is below, including AT&T’s full ICS roadmap… Read more