Acer is looking forward to shipping a million Honeycomb-driven Iconia Tab slates in the second quarter of this year, sources told Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes Friday.

Acer has been taking delivery of Iconia tablet PCs eagerly from its production partners with the company’s global shipments of tablet PCs likely to reach one million units in the second quarter, according to sources in the upstream supply chain.

The sources back this claim by pointing out surging revenues at Acer’s touch sensor suppliers Cando and Sintek Photronics.

This is good news for Taiwan-based Acer which recently say its former CEO and president Gianfranco Lanci depart over Acer’s inability to produce a credible iPad challenger. The company also conceded it failed to meet demand in the April-May timeframe. It has been suggested that Apple gulping pretty much the entire supply of tablet components had caught competitors on the wrong foot. This has already affected Asustek as they’ve reportedly been unable to make more than 10,000 Eee Pad Transformers a month, which is substantially below their original target of at least 300,000 monthly units.

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