Slashdot has this:

 Internet forefather Vint Cerf has a simple answer for this potential problem: Increase bandwidth exponentially. With sufficient bandwidth, streaming video services of prerecorded content wouldn’t be necessary, said the now-technology evangelist at Google. With sufficient throughput, the entire file of a movie or television show could be downloaded in a fraction of the time that it would take to stream the content. Cerf, speaking at Juniper Network’s Nextwork conference, spoke about the company’s decision to outfit Kansas City with fiber-optic connections that Google claims will be 100 times faster than today’s services. The purpose of the project was ‘to demonstrate what happens when you have gigabit speeds available,’ Cerf said.

In France, they’ve had 100GB Fiber to the home for 5 years.  Meanwhile, I have the same speed Internet I had a decade ago in New York.  Sure, I could bump up to 100GB from Verizon but that’s $149/month before taxes fees and lock-ins.  Cerf is right.  Maybe it is time to move to Kansas City.

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