Bizztrust is essentially a customized version of Android created by the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) and Fraunhofer trade group specifically to bring BlackBerry-like business class security to Android users.

With Bizztrust for Android installed, applications are then installed into one of two partitions– “work” and “personal”. Users can quickly swipe between either partition using an onscreen toggle baked into the UI. Of course, a business’s IT team will control anything installed on the “work” partition, while the end user will have full control of their “personal” partition.¬†Any content installed on the work partition is also automatically scanned before a user is granted access to the company network and any transferred data is automatically encrypted. If an issue is detected prior to the user joining the network, any apps related to the issue will be disabled.

Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi of CASED says Bizztrust “significantly improves the security of today’s mobile terminals at no cost to user-friendliness.” If successful, this could be a huge hit to RIM’s quickly decreasing market share which still greatly relies on business users, as the Blackberry’s security features are often its only selling point.

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The company also plans on implementing a feature in Bizztrust allowing IT departments to remotely access devices to update, delete, and install content without going through the Android Market or third-party services. This will become part of, as FastCompany explains, the “full-on Android enterprise platform” the company hopes to monetize.

We’ll get our first look at Bizztrust when it debuts on October 11 (today) at the it-sa IT security expo in Germany. We’ll update you here when we get our hands on a video of Bizztrust in action.

(via FastCompany)

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