Google has been on a roll this week releasing a ton of new features and apps from YouTube and Chrome integration in Google+, to a Google Offers for Android app, and updates to Gmail and Google Reader. Some updates were received better than others. The Google Reader and Docs apps for Android haven’t been left out with new versions of both apps now live on the market.

Both new versions will include a similar Android 4.0-inspired UI, along with widgets, that the new Google+ for Android and other apps have received recently. The new Reader app also loses the “previous” and “next” buttons you’re used to and instead utilizes more fitting left and right swiping gestures. Some users might not like the fact the update also removes features that are now included in Google+, for instance, sharing and following.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with Docs since the recent update, which brought the three-panel UI and other improvements, the latest version includes mostly bug fixes. You can grab the latest updates for Google Docs and and Google Reader for Android from the Market now.

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(via The Verge)

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