Martha Stewart, a biz magnate, television personality, author and magazine publisher, stopped by the Googleplex and sat down for a chat with Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of location and local services. Martha, which hosted Mayer in her studio last December, wasn’t just returning a favor to an old friend. From the set up and post production, it’s clear Google wanted the world to know about Martha’s Googleplex tour which conveniently served as a launchpad for her newest book titled “Martha’s Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations”.

Google even pushed a blog post on the event, explaining that the book shares Martha’s “favorite recipes for the holiday season and the most memorable and fun experiences of her career”, although Martha’s visit fits perfectly into Google’s Author@Google initiative. And, she’s an early Google+ adopter. It also ties nicely to the hundreds of millions of dollars Google’s been spending to cozy up to Hollywood. Mayer hosting Martha in an Oprah-like setting for a one-on-one session about the intricacies of gardening and shopping. What’s next, a Google-sponsored talk show?

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