We already gave you an early look and detailed some of the changes included in the major YouTube UI overhaul a couple weeks ago, and now Google has finally made things official. On top of a completely redesigned homepage with gray background and brand new layout, the update also brings improved channel integration for both users and content providers including new channel templates. The major focus, however, is Google+ integration with new sharing and filtering options based on your Google+ account preferences.

Another addition included in the update is the official launch of TrueView, the advertising model that allows users to skip an ad after five seconds or select from one of three pre-roll ads. It also allows advertisers to pay only for users who don’t skip their ads. However, traditional ad formats will still be available in addition to TrueView.

YouTube has had no problem staying relevant amid a growing number of competitive content providers, especially in the mobile space. As of today, YouTube is reporting around 400 million views a day on mobile, up 3x year/year (13% of the service’s daily views which gets approx. 800M uniques a month). The rollout is happening today, so you should be seeing the redesign anytime now.

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