Google has apparently just started rolling out a new update to the Android Market, bringing it up to version 3.4.4 and introducing a number of minor changes. Perhaps the most important change is an obvious increase in performance– most report overall faster performance, even on older devices. There also appears to be a new option to auto-add widgets to your homescreen, which replaces the “auto-add shortcuts” option. Although, the option still appears to only add icon shortcuts, so it’s unclear Google’s motive for the change going forward.

The update is being pushed out silently so there is some confusion over what exactly is included. Phandroid reports there is also trailers in the photo carousel for app listings. If it hasn’t reached your device yet, the APK is floating around here. Google also rolled out a few changes to the web version of the Market including review filters and an “email developer” option.

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(via AndroidPolice)

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