Google announced two new features for Google+, including a “What’s Hot” stream that allows users to see the most interesting content shared throughout Google+, and users can now view who has “+1′d” posts —not just the count.

These minor tweaks display Google’s attempts to make Google+ more interactive and attractive. The “What’s Hot” stream on mobile devices could be a response to Twitter’s “Discover” feature that surfaced last month. It is accessible in the Web app by swiping to the right of the Circles stream, and a constant view of trending posts for Google+ will immediately appear. This ensures a flurry of content, even when people within a user’s Circles are silent for the day…

Moreover, the ability to see who is “+1-ing” posts is familiar to Facebook’s current “Like” button implementation where instead of raw count “likes,” users can view profiles who have liked the post. Google’s new, and similar, element allows the same circumstance —just tap on the +1 count under any post and a list of profiles will appear.

The update will roll out gradually to native Android and iOS apps soon. It is currently available on the mobile Web app as a premier way to get users more involved in discovering new content through the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine and its products.

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