We all know Google I/O is just around the corner with yet another Nexus tablet leak today and news of some fresh Google TV products hitting the market soon. We will be on hand this week with live coverage of the event, and Google will make things even easier this year thanks to a new blogging tool it is unleashing specifically for the conference. As noted on Google’s developers website, you can now create your own embeddable Google I/O keynote live blogging gadget that will pull the event’s live video stream, and then it will post from your Google+ account:

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Keynote live stream

Stream the Google I/O keynote live from your blog or webpage.

Real-time announcements

Show the official Google I/O announcements as they are announced in real-time.

Live blogging tool

You can have the gadget pull your real time public posts from Google+.


Choose your gadget size, feeds, and colors.

To create your own Google I/O live blogging gadget, go to Google’s gadget configurator (here). Google I/O is scheduled to kick off June 27.

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